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Our Bath & Body section is curated with only the best quality brands so you can rest easy in the bathroom knowing you’ve supported unparalleled farming practices and chosen products free of dyes, parabens, sulfates and more. 


A bar of cactus soap alongside its packaging with the brand name 'nopalera' on a green background.
Container of augustinus bader body cream on a white background.
A container of "n° green body butter" against a plain background.
Jar of le prunier plumboby hydrating antioxidant body crème.
Le Prunier Plumbody™

2 reviews
Two-piece takesumi detox deodorant set with a bar of soap and stick deodorant against a black background.
Kaia Naturals The Starter Kit

1 review
Bottle of luna nectar hair oil placed on a stone surface with accolades mentioned.
Travel-sized toiletry bottles and caps neatly arranged on a white background.
A bottle of luna nectar mars sand hair serum displayed on a pedestal with blue poppy flowers in the background.
Five cloth pads with orange fruit patterns on a marble surface.
A turquoise tube of dore le cleanser gel to milk cleanser for sensitive skin, 150 ml.
A bottle of deodorant spray against a white background.
Fitglow Beauty Deodorant Spray

1 review
A bar of cactus soap next to its packaging on a pink background.
Nopalera Flor De Mayo Cactus Soap

1 review
A boxed set of innersense hair care products, advertised with a price tag, showing a bottle and tubes of the product line.
Jar of osea seaglow resurfacing scrub facial exfoliator.
Osea undaria cleansing body polish container.
Osea Undaria Cleansing Body Polish

1 review
A bottle of alchemist radiant body oil against a white background.
A tube of augustinus bader hand treatment cream against a white background.
Augustinus Bader The Hand Treatment

1 review
A plastic pump dispenser isolated on a black background.
A pink bottle of flamingo estate euphoria body lotion with ingredients listed on the label.
Green bottle of "flamingo estate garden essentials body lotion" with various botanical ingredients listed.
A bottle of flamingo estate hand soap alongside artisanal soap bars with a backdrop of bubbles and a warm tone.
Green bottle of flamingo estate garden essentials body wash with clary sage and various botanical ingredients.
Green bottle of flamingo estate garden essentials conditioner with various plant extracts.
Green shampoo bottle with the label "flamingo estate garden essentials shampoo" featuring ingredients like australian eucalyptus, mediterranean rosemary, californian lavender, and rooib.
Packaging of rael organic cotton body wipes, 10 count, highlighting natural, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free features.
A cactus flower exfoliant product by nopalera next to its packaging.
A jar and box of nopalera cactus flower exfoliant against an orange background.
Bottle of innersense clarity conditioner with pump dispenser.
White bottle of innersense hairbath clarity shampoo.
A bottle of innersense styling foam against a white background.
Three innersense organic haircare products: pure harmony hairbath, pure inspiration daily conditioner, and sweet spirit leave in conditioner.
A single egg casting a shadow on a plain white background.
A plain yellow ball on a white background with a shadow underneath.
Brown cardboard packaging for a shampoo and conditioner bar by notice hair co. labeled "the hydrator.
Blue and white marble sphere on a white background with a shadow.
A single white spherical object casting a soft shadow on a light background.
A single round yellow bath bomb on a white background.
A bottle of dr. barbara sturm molecular cosmetics super anti-aging body serum.
Bottle of sana jardin paris venus de verbena eau de parfum.
Elegant perfume bottle labeled "sana jardin paris, sandalwood temple, eau de parfum no. 4" against a white background.
Bottle of sana jardin paris "tiger by her side" eau de parfum no. 2 on a white background.
Sana Jardin Tiger By Her Side Eau De Parfum

1 review
From $30.00
A blue bottle of "the nue co. water therapy" fragrance.
The Nue Co. Water Therapy

2 reviews
From $30.00
A red bottle of "the nue co." fragrance labeled "mind energy.
A bottle of "forest lungs" fragrance by the nue co.
A migraine mask package surrounded by green leaves on a dark background.
A stick of salt & stone deodorant against a neutral background.
Three tubes of evolve together skincare products against a white background, displaying awards from allure and glamour.
A pouch of "natureofthings fortifying magnesium soak" against a white background.
Transparent bottle of osea vagus nerve bath oil against a plain background.
A container of salt & stone natural deodorant with santal and vetiver on a plain background.
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