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Clean Beauty Consultations

We Are Clean Beauty Experts

Fumbling through ingredient lists, over-spending on toxic makeup, and wondering if you’re choosing the right skincare for your specific type is a pain. Trust us, we get it - in fact, it’s what we set out to change.

Our commitment to sourcing skincare & makeup without all the fillers means you’re getting only what you need, and nothing you don’t. With our carefully chosen 70+ brands, high-quality ingredients, planet-forward standards and years of expertise, we at Wren & Wild are here to support you in pursuit of the pure. 

Get personalized tips from our expert team, gain confidence in your getting-ready, and feel good about supporting the planet. Let us take the intimidation out of clean beauty so you can find what works for you - and have fun while doing it. 


Your skin type is as unique as you are, depending on your age, genetics, climate, and diet. A proper routine can make or break your skin. Need a foundation match? Wonder which mascara will work best for you? Let’s meet face-to-face and chat about the specifics, so you can learn about the benefits of using plant-based skincare while *finally* finding the right products. 

Our team of clean beauty experts are here for you. 

Wren and WIld Makeup Artist




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