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For Men

Wren and Wild is not just for the ladies. All of our brands are gender neutral, for all skin types and needs.


A blue square tile with a textured surface casting a shadow on a white background.

1 review
Jar of osea undaria algae body butter on a white background.
Osea Undaria Algae Body Butter

15 reviews
From $26.00
Odacité Watermelon + Hibiscus All-embracing Serum | Wren and Wild in Bend OR
Odacité Hydrating Serum All Embracing

8 reviews
A bottle of osea 'ocean eyes' eye serum against a white background.
Osea Ocean Eyes Age Defying Eye Serum

5 reviews
Round ceramic container with a lid, featuring a smooth finish and a contrasting textured base.
A jar of youth to the people polypeptide-121 future cream against a white background.
A plain yellow flying disc isolated on a white background.
Ayuna Soap Rich Ultra

1 review
Three tubes of evolve together skincare products against a white background, displaying awards from allure and glamour.
A matte black bottle with a minimalist design labeled "natureofthings".
Tube of indie lee clearing mask skincare product against a white background.
A pouch of "natureofthings fortifying magnesium soak" against a white background.
A jar of dr. barbara sturm face cream rich, made in germany.
A bottle of dr. barbara sturm calming serum with a dropper applicator, isolated on a white background.
Dr. Barbara Sturm Calming Serum

1 review
Blue and white marble sphere on a white background with a shadow.
A jar and box of nopalera cactus flower exfoliant against an orange background.
A bar of cactus soap alongside its packaging with the brand name 'nopalera' on a green background.
A cactus flower exfoliant product by nopalera next to its packaging.
Green shampoo bottle with the label "flamingo estate garden essentials shampoo" featuring ingredients like australian eucalyptus, mediterranean rosemary, californian lavender, and rooib.
Green bottle of flamingo estate garden essentials conditioner with various plant extracts.
Green bottle of flamingo estate garden essentials body wash with clary sage and various botanical ingredients.
A bottle of flamingo estate hand soap alongside artisanal soap bars with a backdrop of bubbles and a warm tone.
Green bottle of "flamingo estate garden essentials body lotion" with various botanical ingredients listed.
A pink bottle of flamingo estate euphoria body lotion with ingredients listed on the label.
A bottle of augustinus bader "the cream" with cap on against a white background.
A tube of augustinus bader the foaming cleanser skincare product.
A blue bottle of augustinus bader skincare product with an orange cap against a black background.
Augustinus bader skincare product in a blue bottle with a copper-colored cap.
A bottle of "forest lungs" fragrance by the nue co.
Bottle of heretic dirty suede plant-based eau de parfum on a white background.
Refining cleanser and radiance mask by tata harper skincare products on a light background.
Green bottle of tata harper clarifying cleanser with pump dispenser on a white background.
Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser

1 review
Green kale, green tea, and spinach vitamin superfood cleanser packaging with droplets of water.
Youth To The People Age Prevention Cleanser

16 reviews
From $16.00
Jar of yerba mate resurfacing energy facial by youth to the people, 59 ml / 2 fl oz size.
A boxed skincare set labeled "the youth system" with six numbered anti-aging products displayed.
Two-piece takesumi detox deodorant set with a bar of soap and stick deodorant against a black background.
Kaia Naturals The Starter Kit

1 review
A bottle of flamingo estate euphoria body wash against a dark background.
Hair care products from notice hair co. including a "wingman suds & soften" shampoo bar and a small container of blue styling balm, arranged neatly next to their packaging.