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In-Store Consultations, Weddings, Headshots and More


We Are Clean Beauty Experts

Fumbling through ingredient lists, over-spending on toxic makeup, and wondering if you’re choosing the right skincare for your specific type is a pain. Trust us, we get it - in fact, it’s what we set out to change.

Our commitment to sourcing skincare & makeup without all the fillers means you’re getting only what you need, and nothing you don’t. With our carefully chosen 70+ brands, high-quality ingredients, planet-forward standards and years of expertise, we at Wren & Wild are here to support you in pursuit of the pure. 

Get personalized tips from our expert team, gain confidence in your getting-ready, and feel good about supporting the planet. Let us take the intimidation out of clean beauty so you can find what works for you - and have fun while doing it. 


 Your skin type is as unique as you are, depending on your age, genetics, climate, and diet. A proper routine can make or break your skin. Need a foundation match? Wonder which mascara will work best for you? Let’s meet face-to-face and chat about the specifics, so you can learn about the benefits of using plant-based skincare while *finally* finding the right products. 

Our team of clean beauty experts are here for you. 

Book your 30 minute session with us where you will receive one-on-one support from a Clean Beauty Expert who will help you find clean makeup, skincare, hair care, and more to fit effortlessly into your beauty routine. We’ll spend the time exploring new products, finding your perfect shades, answering your questions, and sharing relevant tips and tricks. This service is a great way to build a routine or explore new clean beauty categories with an expert’s support. Our skincare, makeup, and consultation services are $50 or free with a $50+ purchase at the time of your appointment. The fee for these services will only be waived when you've met the minimum spend threshold during your services appointment and cannot be applied to future appointments.


Phone : 541-480-3252  

Wren and WIld Makeup Artist


Special Events

Do you have a special event or photoshoot coming up or you are getting married? Unsure of how to define your cheekbones, line your lids or choose a lip color to complement your complexion? Whatever the occasion, we’ll help you lead with confidence. We have a team of trained makeup artists that can guide you to your perfect look. 

Our rates vary depending on the scope of the event. Please get in touch with us and let's chat.

For all wedding inquiries please visit www.katehanaartistry.com

Phone: 541.480.3252
Email: info@wrenandwild.com