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NOTICE HAIR CO. Shampoo Bar - Balancer


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Plastic Free Hair Care

Formulated for all hair goals, with healing ingredients derived from the earth. Excessive packaging is so passé. Products should stand on their own. Period. Zero Waste. Eco Friendly.


  • Vegan + cruelty-free
  • Lasts approximately 50-75 washes
  • Equivalent to 2-3 16 oz bottles of liquid product

THE BALANCER SHAMPOO BAR: calming + smoothing | normal hair

Yin or yang. Light or dark. Salad or French fries... cause, ya know, life is all about balance. If your hair is out of whack, and has a case of the Jekyll and Hyde's: enter the Balancer. With turmeric and calendula, this bar not only normalizes hair follicle activity, it also promotes stronger hair by amping up collagen production and providing nutrition to your roots. Calming neroli, patchouli and rosewood essential oils are uplifted with a hint of sweet orange essential oil, for a subtle and neutral scent. The oils provide added hair and scalp benefits that include: dandruff prevention, cell rejuvenation, and hair growth stimulation. 100% essential oil

2.0 oz.


The Balancer Shampoo Bar: sodium coco sulfate, coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, calendula, shea oil, hemp seed oil, apricot seed oil, isosteareth, (essential oils of: blood orange, rosewood, neroli, and patchouli), d-panthenol, turmeric, and hydrolyzed quinoa protein