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Sweed is known for its vegan and clean products with professional performance. 

After years of hard work as a makeup artist, the founder Gabriella Elio wanted to create innovative products she felt was missing in the market in order to achieve her signature and timeless "no makeup-makeup" style. Gabriella's motto is "look like yourself after a 2 weeks' vacation – glowing skin, lush lashes and full of life".

Sweed is a vegan and animal friendly brand who saves one sea turtle for every sold mascara.

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Mascara tube with brush applicator on white background.
Sweed Lash Lift Mascara

1 review
A peach-colored lipstick in a turquoise tube with its cap removed next to it.
Sweed Le Lipstick

1 review
Cosmetic pencil with swatched line and cap removed.
Foundation bottle with a swatch of product next to it on a white background.
A nude lip liner pencil with a brush on one end and a cap off to the side.
Eyelash serum container with applicator wand displayed.
Compact cushion foundation with logo on lid, isolated on a white background.
Sweed Miracle Powder

1 review
A compact blush with a turquoise lid and a terracotta hue.
Mascara tube with applicator brush on a white background.
Sweed Cloud Mascara

1 review
Blue pencil crayon with a sharpened lead, isolated on a white background.
Sweed Satin Eyeliner

1 review
Turquoise-handled makeup brush with soft bristles on a white background.
Mascara and eyelash serum set by sweed, packaged in a turquoise box with a black ribbon detail.
Sweed Lash Lift Gift Set

2 reviews
Turquoise eyelash curler with a black brush tip on a white background.
A set of false eyelashes presented on a plate, resembling a minimalist dining setting.
Aqua-handled makeup brush with white and pink bristles on a white background.
Clear/white eyelash adhesive by sweed in a blue and white packaging.
A turquoise asthma inhaler on a white background.
Sweed Le Lipstick Holly Hock Pack Shot
Sweed Lip Liner Rose Thorn pack shot
Cosmetic product packaging showcasing sweed cloud mascara and eyelash serum.
Aqua-colored tweezers with the word "sweed" printed on the side.
A pair of small, metal scissors with sharp tips and circular handles.