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5 ways to maintain your radiant and dewy complexion through the winter months

5 ways to maintain your radiant and dewy complexion through the winter months

One minute we’re walking down the street, the cold windy air hitting our cheeks and the next, we're in a hot, dry room running our hands under burning water to heat them. We spend our weekend days on the sunny slopes followed by nights sitting by an open fire. The alternating cold and heated air along with low humidity define the winter months and have the potential to present some challenges to the glowy features we work so hard at achieving. This temperature flux we often experience in winter leaves our skin confused, lacking moisture and often less than vibrant, or worse, dry, cracked, itchy and red. But, you can still frolic in the outdoors and sit in the cozy warmth while protecting all the dewy radiance you’ve worked so hard to get with a few easy steps. 

Dermaplane Facial

According to our in-house esthetician, Maddy Brennon, W&W's Signature Dermaplane Facial is an excellent procedure to help winterize our skin. She explains further that dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation to remove the top layer of dead skin cells & vellus hair (aka peach fuzz), revealing soft & luminous skin. This in turn benefits our skin tremendously during the winter months by: 

  • aiding in moisture retention
  • revealing brighter/more vibrant skin
  • allowing for flawless makeup application
  • increasing the absorption and efficacy of the serums and moisturizers you use following the procedure by having sloughed off all those dead skin cells!


Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Winter Kit is a curated selection of skincare that is particularly lipid and antioxidant-rich to boost hydration while sealing, protecting and nourishing the skin throughout the cooler months. 

Adding an essence or a refreshing toner after washing your face like Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence which utilizes ancient hydrators like aloe vera and coconut water to supply optimal ratios of 70+ water soluble nutrients combined with 20+ superfoods feeding your skin everything it needs to be its most healthy, balanced and radiant.


It’s hard to think of changing our routine once we’ve fallen in love with specific products. However, incorporating a rich cream or adding a facial mask during the winter months can reap radiant rewards. Try Osea’s Advanced Protection Cream for those days you are out in the elements. Its skin barrier protection is unparalleled and its formulation of sea minerals, amino acids and biomimetic lipids delivers deep hydration to lock in moisture for your best skin ever. 

Add Tammy Fender’s Restorative Radiance Masque to your winter routine as a nighttime mask and wake up with soft, satin skin. 


It’s easy to equate sunscreen to sunny days at the beach and completely forget to even bother wearing it in the cold winter months. But, if you are awake and near a window a good rule of thumb is to add sunscreen to your routine. More so if you’re spending the days outdoors and especially if you're up on the mountain all that much closer to those UVA rays. Odacité’s SPF 50 Flex-Perfecting™ Mineral Drops Tinted Sunscreen is a great way to add a little foundation and a lot of protection at the same time. 

Don’t want the tint? Try the Antioxidant-rich Plum Superfruit Complex® of Le Prunier’s Plumscreen Broad Spectrum SPF31 to Help protect against future wrinkles while moisturizing skin. And the silky sheer, non-nano zinc oxide formula means less white residue.

Don’t forget your hands and feet! 

Bader and Berlin both came out with excellent hand formulations this past year and we would highly recommend having them in your car, your ski jacket or your bag when you travel; all places you find your hands dry, cracked and in need of moisture.

At night before bed try Nopalera's Cactus Flower Exfoliant followed by their  Original Moisturizing Botanical Bar and slip into a pair of Super Soft Wool Socks to keep your feet warm, toasty and silky soft. 

A few changes in our routine go a long way to keep our winter skin healthy, happy and always radiant.