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All The Stress Relief Your Tired Mind Needs

All The Stress Relief Your Tired Mind Needs

A friend said to me, “life is really lifey right now”, and I felt that. Managing family, work, relationships, social media, the news, our duties and responsibilities can leave us feeling like we're burning the candle at both ends, with little or no time for self care. Thankfully, the tonic we need for a little R & R is more accessible than we might imagine. 

From eye masks that soothe your aching head to adaptogens that calm those frazzled nerves, we’ve got you covered, and here are some of our favorite products promised to have you zen’d out by bedtime. 

Murphy & Daughter's is one of our newest brands and a fan favorite in natural stress relief. Enjoy a bath with their custom blend of aromatic bath salts and say goodbye to tension your way with a hot or cold migraine relief eye pillow from Slow North. Have you tried meditation stones and essential oils? Trust us, even if you don’t fully subscribe to their stress relieving potential, your house will look and smell amazing. 

Moon Juice has been an absolute must have at Wren and Wild for years. No night is complete without the soothing adaptogen, Magnesi-Om. Moon Dusts come in a variety of blends to support your spirit and target stress to transform your Sex, Brain, Sleep, Power and Beauty. Your brain is going to thank you.

Need a good night’s sleep? Want to wake up refreshed and revitalized? Seems like an impossibility? Not according to Berlin Skin And Osea. They’ve got the sleep aides your body and mind are craving for a good snooze and an amazing morning. Try Berlin Skin’s Lavender Essential Oil to calm and ground the mind and Osea’s Vagus Nerve Pillow MIst and Vagus Nerve Oil, the “antidote to modern life”. And couldn’t we all use just a little of that?