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Tips & Tricks From Our Makers

Tips & Tricks From Our Makers

It will come as no surprise to any of our clients that we are fangirls of all the brands we carry. We get the wild privilege of product training with brand founders and team educators. We learn the stories behind their fabulous formulations, insider tips and tricks from the pros themselves and we share these with you in-store, on our social pages and in our newsletters each week. With such an amazing list of insider secrets, we thought we’d put some of our favorites together for you in one place. ENJOY, you’re about to look more amazing than you already do!

It does not matter who you ask, every makeup artist I've ever talked with says the same thing, a great makeup look begins with great skin. If you've ever come into the boutique for a makeup consult you know the first thing our artists do is prep your skin. So, let's begin with hydration:

Hydration is the key to plump, glowing skin,” says Dillon Peña, founder of Leland Francis and celeb makeup artist. Let’s hear that again “Hydration is the key to healthy, beautiful skin,” Dr. Barbara Sturm. “Hyaluronic Acid Serum helps to plump and hydrate our skin immediately. It’s a super hydrator, improves skin barrier function and transports active ingredients deep into the skin. This product is the white tee-shirt of our skincare routine, everyone must have it!” 

Another key component of great skin is protecting it from the elements. Our second pro tip is from the infamous Rose Marie Swift taken from a training we did with her. Reapplying sunscreen throughout the day can be confusing, but RMS and her Supernatural Radiance Serum SPF make it easy: 

RMS says, "Most of us have a full face of makeup during the day, so how do we do reapply sunscreen like we should? You can put this [Supernatural Radiance Serum SPF] on top of your makeup  and I'm going to show you how." Taking Aura Light, RMS patted the product right over her makeup on her cheeks and forehead where you get most of the sun giving her skin a luminescent glow. But she's not done. "Now hold on, I got more tricks up my sleeve, Medium Aura, and now I'm going to add a little bit of the color back." Applying the rose gold product to again her cheeks and forehead. 

Rose Marie also offered the pro-tip of mixing these two Aura shades and dabbing the combo under her eye to conceal dark circles and reverse the appearance of  sunken under eye skin. 

Whatever Gucci Westman has in her makeup bag, we want! And do eye spy with my little eye Tata Harper's cleansing oil, Moon Juice's Cosmic Cream and, no surprise here, Augustinus Bader's The Rich Cream on her counter? Please see tip one; great makeup begins with great skin! Gucci is always stunning, her models effortless and her makeup line is a dream. Our next bit of wisdom is from non other than the makeup artist to the stars on how to achieve the perfect glow: 

"For the perfect glow, you really just need a few things to bring skin to life – a pop of color, a little dewy highlight, and a subtle play on shadow for depth and definition.

Start by sweeping Face Trace under the cheekbone. Dab on eyelids for depth, the sides of the nose and jawline to define and top of forehead to add dimension.

Glide Lit Up on top of cheekbones, cupid's bow, lips and tear ducts for radiant clarity.

Dab Baby Cheeks onto the middle of your cheekbone. Work in an oval motion, blending outward as you go. Pop onto lips for a monochromatic look and juicy pop of color.

xx Gucci" 

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Our final insider beauty secret, we feel, is essential to all skincare and makeup, but it's not so much about application as it is about how you wear it:

"Here's the secret to truly unlocking their power: don't limit yourself to just one. Mix and match these shades like an artist crafting a masterpiece. Layer them to create your unique signature color, the one that whispers your desires to the world.

x Gabriela"

Thank you Madame Gabriella, we'll take one in each shade! 💋