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Layer Your Fragrance Like A Pro

Layer Your Fragrance Like A Pro

We looked to our favorite perfumers for advice on getting the most from their fabulous fragrances. And the secret is….LAYERING!

The perfumes we carry here at Wren & Wild are free of toxic ingredients, meaning the formulations consist of natural ingredients or safe synthetics that lay light and sheer on the skin because they do not contain the chemicals and additives used by standard perfumes to artificially extend wear. To increase the longevity or intensity of your fragrance, the trick all the pros can agree on is to layer them. Whether you stay in the same scent profile or mix and match to create a signature scent, a few simple steps will have them all asking, “What are you wearing?”


Begin with a freshly scented body wash

Flamingo Estate Euphoria

"Lathering in Flamingo Estates Euphoria Body Wash feels like, quite literally, bathing inside of a flower. Its silky, honey-like Castile formula is anchored by a field of energizing oils – garnering a scent that is eternally sweet and floral, topped by a dash of zest."


Exfoliate to remove dead skin & erase rough bumpy textures, making the skin soft and smooth

One Love Organics Body Polish

The tropical feel and scent of One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Polish will create hydrated and silky skin creating the perfectly prepped skin.


Use a body butter for a hydrating base & layer a scented body oil over your body butter

Bader Body

Whether it's Tata, Osea, Lake & Skye, or the infamous blue and gold body by Bader, we've got the body butter/oil base to hydrate your skin and lock in your scent. This is layering goodness. 


Follow with a few sprays of your go to eau de parfum. 

Pro tip: Spray into your hair to exude scent with every head turn. If you are layering scents, begin with the heavier profile, let it settle, and add the lighter scent afterward. Our friends at Heretic Parfum also "encourage you to layer two to three fragrances not only to increase the overall intensity but to help you create your next signature scent."


Roll a fragrance oil on to your pulse points. 

Lake & Skye Rollerball

This includes your neck, behind your ears, elbows, and wrists. And always dab do not rub!

Experiment, have fun, find your unique signature profile, be sure to share your favorite Sana Jardin, Heretic, The Nue Co., Lake & Skye or DedCool mixture with team Wren & Wild, and, of course, expect compliments!