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Lake and Skye

“I became a wellness advocate by accident. After a health crisis in my early 20’s, before we had today’s knowledge at our fingertips, I was desperate for answers and went to see a healer on a whim. This chance meeting sparked a passion for alternative therapies. Over years of studying, I became a Kundalini and pre-natal yoga teacher, a holistic nutritionist and aromatherapist, as well as a student in mediation and reiki. I’m a lifelong student and seeker with a love for fragrance.

In 2015, I launched Lake & Skye (named after my daughters) with the idea of creating intentional gifts we give to ourselves throughout the day. These scents are formulated to uplift and transform. Each is intentionally designed to reflect how scent is intertwined with wellness.”

-Courtney Somer Founder 

Lake and Skye

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