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Lake and Skye 11 11 Rollerball Fragrance Oil


4 reviews

Notes of a bright sunny day with enough interest to carry you through cocktail hour.

The award winning, best selling fragrance oil, 11 11 is a simple and bold unisex blend inspired by the teachings of Kundalini yoga and the color white. Sheer, clean and uplifting fragrance with an ethereal vibe. The scent captures the feel of skin after emerging from the ocean, mixed with a crisp texture and transparency.

The notes combine a blend of white ambers and musk. 

33 fl oz./ 10ml


Ingredients parfum* (fragrance), DPG (dipropylene glycol), isopropyl myristate. 

*Fragrance ingredients include: galaxolide, ethylene brassylate, tetramethyl, lyral, calone

Free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates. Vegan and cruelty free.

How To Use

Apply to pulse points: inside wrists, either side of the neck or behind ears. For best results, shake well before application.