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Mother's Day Gifts Under $50

Celebrate Mother's Day with the gift of clean beauty! Show your appreciation for all that mom does with these thoughtful and affordable gifts under $50


Bottle of odacite hydra-firm body oil with vitamin c & e and kakadu plum.
A cactus flower exfoliant product by nopalera next to its packaging.
Two collagen facial sheet mask packages with a botanical design, standing against a plain background.
A bottle of osea undaria algae body oil with a pump dispenser.
Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil

22 reviews
From $20.00
A jar labeled 'magnesi-om' next to a blue liquid in a glass with a stirring spoon, surrounded by miscellaneous items.
Moon Juice Magnesi-om

5 reviews
From $35.00
Green bottle of flamingo estate garden essentials body wash with clary sage and various botanical ingredients.
A jar and box of nopalera cactus flower exfoliant against an orange background.
Three elegant cosmetic pencils with golden caps on a gradient background.
Transparent bottle of osea vagus nerve bath oil against a plain background.
A tube of moisturizing cream with award badges from allure and glamour.
evolvetogether hydrating hand cream

1 review
Black container of odacite hydra-firm body polish with vitamin c & e and kakadu plum.
Three different beverages with powders being poured into them, alongside flavored effervescent tablets.
Black spray bottle with gold text and design on a white background.
Bottle of sana jardin paris "tiger by her side" eau de parfum no. 2 on a white background.
Sana Jardin Tiger By Her Side Eau De Parfum

1 review
From $30.00
Amber glass bottle with linen spray against a terracotta background.
Slow North Linen Spray

1 review
Advertisement for augustinus bader 'the eye patches' product with a minimalist design and brand logo.
A bottle of flamingo estate euphoria body wash against a dark background.
Bottle of nopalera cactus shower gel with pump dispenser.
Bottle of room and linen spray with a minimalist label design.
A bottle of hand cream on a tabletop with dried hydrangea flowers around it.
Black Socks with Strawberry Floral Design
evolvetogether havana exfoliating bar soap
evolvetogether moaco hydrating bar soap
Black bottle of cypress mint dish soap surrounded by greenery.
A rectangular, black powder coated steel tray with a textured surface on a beige background: Homecourt Yamazaki Home Steel Tray.
A pair of white socks with decorative patterns on a marble surface.
Award-winning deodorant bottle displayed with decorative dried flowers in the background.
A bottle of homecourt surface cleaner spray alongside dried flowers against a neutral background.
A pair of white crew socks with pink heels, toes, and cuffs, adorned with red hearts and green cacti designs.
A pair of yellow socks with floral patterns on a gray textured surface.
A pair of floral patterned socks laid out flat on a pink background.
A pair of gray socks with blue and white floral patterns on a white background.
A fabric lavender sachet with strawberry print and a branded label on a textured gray background.
Floral patterned cloth pouch with a bow and brand tag.
Two floral-patterned fabric pouches with zippers.
Bottle of room and linen spray against a white background.
Floral-patterned candle with matching packaging, labeled "jardin de paris soy candle" by rifle paper co.
Floral-patterned cylindrical box with 'jardin de paris' text on a white background.
Sleep accessory set with patterned eye mask, drawstring pouch, and hair scrunchie.
Colorful floral print scarf tied in a knot on a white background.
A pair of yellow socks with white daisy patterns on a marble surface.
A blue floral patterned fabric pouch on a wooden surface against a white wall.
Three boxes of nopalera cactus soap on a white background.
Nopalera branded soap with packaging and cactus-shaped soap bar.
Incense sticks with a ceramic holder packaged in a sleek black box labeled "persons of interest aromatic incense.
Various rael skincare products displayed, including hydration and vitamin c sheet masks.
A pair of green socks with pink floral pattern on a gray background.
Hand and body lotion bottle with pump dispenser on a white background.
A bottle of "decool xtra milk" genderless and vegan eau de parfum against a white background.
A clear glass bottle of dedcool rocco mint genderless vegan eau de parfum against a white background.
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