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Nopalera Mini Soap Trio Discovery Set


The perfect gift or travel companion.

This luxe gift box features Nopalera’s full assortment of signature Cactus Soaps in 2 oz mini sizes. Our cactus soaps couple handmade artistry with indulgent, native ingredients to evoke a sense of purpose and peace in every lather.

SOOTHING BODY LATHER Native Mexican Prickly pear cactus and rich plant butters deliver healing nourishment, while cactus fibers gently purify and exfoliate skin. Unique essential oil blends provide an enriched, refreshing cleansing experience.

How To Use

In the shower or bath, lather with warm water between hands or a gentle cloth. Rub in circular motions throughout body skin to reach desired cleanse.

Key Ingredients

Prickly Pear Cactus Refines texture, removes dead skin cells, and draws in moisture. Charcoal Removes impurities from skin.

Pink Clay Gently cleanses, removes toxins, and reduces inflammation

Jasmine Oil Soothes skin and reduces inflammation.