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Moon Juice


Moon Juice was born from founder and CEO, Amanda Chantal Bacon's experience of putting an autoimmune condition into remission after being told it wasn’t possible. She sought out experts and educated herself on diet, lifestyle, spirit, and traditional wisdom. She saw radical changes her my blood and hormone panels. On paper, she started to read biologically younger than she had a decade prior. It was through simple daily practices that big changes were made.

Health is not a fixed state, but a pleasurable, lifelong journey. Moon Juice is on a mission to help you get active in your journey. To connect you to the most effective things you can do daily for your one vessel, so that you can show up and do exactly what you came to do.


A jar labeled 'magnesi-om' next to a blue liquid in a glass with a stirring spoon, surrounded by miscellaneous items.
Moon Juice Magnesi-om

5 reviews
From $35.00
A bottle of moon juice plump jelly hydrating serum against a white background.
Moon Juice Plump Jelly

7 reviews
A jar of "superhair" dietary supplement capsules with some capsules spilled out onto a surface.
Moon Juice SuperHair

6 reviews
From $25.00
Open jar of cosmetic cream on a neutral background.
Moon Juice Cosmic Cream

2 reviews
A bottle of super-you on a white surface.
Moon Juice SuperYou

1 review
A bottle of moon juice acid potion, a resurfacing exfoliant.
Moon Juice Acid Potion

4 reviews
A tube of moon juice milk cleanse gentle wash against a white background.
Moon Juice Milk Cleanse

3 reviews
A jar of "moon juice ting" beside a glass of amber liquid on a textured surface.
Moon Juice Ting

1 review
From $35.00
A jar of watermelon electrolytes next to a glass of pink liquid on a beige surface.
Jar of 'cosmic cocoa' adaptogenic hot chocolate by moon juice with added collagen and herbal supplements.
Moon Juice Cosmic Cocoa

2 reviews
Moon Juice Sachet Sampler The Full Moon | Clean Beauty at Wren and Wild in Bend OR
Contents of a sleepy magnes-om supplement packet being poured into a glass of water, suggesting a nightly routine for relaxation and sleep.
Moon Juice Sleepy Magnesi-Om

1 review
A jar of dietary supplement capsules labeled "superpower" by moon juice on a light background, with three capsules lying outside the jar.
Three different beverages with powders being poured into them, alongside flavored effervescent tablets.
Amber glass bottle labeled "superbeauty" with capsules, two of which are outside the container, on a neutral surface.
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