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Marley's Monsters

Begin your sustainable journey with Marley's Monsters!

Marley's Monsters is a woman owned, US manufacturer based in Eugene, Oregon, with a mission to provide simple products that inspire and empower sustainable living. It all started in 2013, when founder and President, Sarah Dooley, was on maternity leave from her career as an interior designer, and waiting for the arrival of her first baby, Marley. Before Marley’s birth, Sarah dusted off her sewing machine and got to work creating her first monster out of fabric scraps she had collected. It had been years since she had made anything, but with hard work, dedication, and trial and error, Sarah eventually went on to launch her own business, Marley’s Monsters, all centered around reusability and sustainability.

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Two packs of bamboo cotton blend washcloths on a pink surface next to a green plant.
Marley's Monsters 4 Bamboo Washcloths

5 reviews
A pack of marley's monsters washable and reusable facial rounds with floral patterns on a gray surface.
Eco-friendly reusable cotton facial rounds with a cactus print alongside a green leaf.
Marley's Monsters FACIAL ROUNDS: Cactus

1 review
From $12.00
Person holding a reusable cotton facial round against a yellow background.
Three mesh laundry bags with tags on a yellow patterned background.
Marley's Monsters Mesh Laundry Bag

1 review
Hand holding two reusable facial rounds.
Marley's Monsters FACIAL ROUNDS: White

1 review
From $12.00
Five reusable fabric facial rounds with a plaid pattern, along with an air plant, arranged on a white background.
A hand holding a washable and reusable facial round with a black and white striped pattern from marley's monsters.
Five cloth pads with orange fruit patterns on a marble surface.