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Bohemia Design

BOHEMIA creates objects both beautiful and functional for home and wear, supplying discerning retailers across the globe since 2006. A lifetime spent immersed in the arts and crafts, Jenny, the founder of Bohemia, established the company to help bridge the gap between the highly skilled artisans she would meet on her travels and customers seeking authentic handcrafted goods with a contemporary aesthetic.

Craft touches something deep within us and in many cultures is a communal activity, more than fashioning purely utilitarian objects, it is a way for us to express our joys and heartbreaks.

My life has been dedicated to working with artisans and craftspeople, a journey that has taken me all over the world, experiencing many adventures, and learning from the artisans I spend so much of my time with.

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A notebook with a floral pattern cover and a label indicating it is a medium-sized, lined, bohemia-style notebook.
A floral-patterned notebook with an elastic band around it lying on a textured grey surface.
A pink floral patterned notebook with a band around it displaying the brand and details.