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Back To School Beauty

Back To School Beauty

Even though I’m long out of school, I still peruse the aisles of notebooks, pens, folders, color-coordinated binders and sticky notes whenever I get the chance. I love/miss/long for the days of shopping my back-to-school essentials list. While my school supplies were always on point, what was a hot mess back in those days was my skin and my beauty routine. Not to mention it took me hours to get ready every day. What I wish I would have known then were the essentials needed to make my morning routine quick and easy, products I could have used during a mid-day slump and a simple anytime routine that would have kept my skin clean, clear and as glowing as my perfectly sharpened pencils. 

We love our teen shoppers and hope these beauty buys make rolling out of bed and into the first semester of school a little easier.

Dry Shampoo

No one likes to feel rushed in the morning and we all want our locks to look great all day long. A dry shampoo like Kaia Naturals is the perfect instant refresh by whisking away odor and creating a full, tousled look. Use it at night and wake up ready for the day or throw one in your gym bag and apply it before practice to absorb excess oil as you sweat. 


Not only do Meow Meow Tweet’s Natural Deodorants work, but they smell great too, and come in biodegradable packaging. 

Tinted Sunscreen

Yes, we’re making the transition from long beachy days to logging long library hours but we’ve still got to protect our skin. RMS delivers with their Supernatural Radiance Serum which evens skin tone, boosts radiance and corrects imperfections with a subtle, soft-focus radiant filter and hint of tint.

Multi Sticks

There’s nothing better than a multi-purpose stick! Whether your cheeks, lips or eyes need a hint of color this Ilia’s multi-stick magic has got you covered.

Precision Color Pencil 

Adorn your lips, cheeks and eyes with a 19/99 Beauty Eye Pencil. Whatever the occasion or outfit, we’ve got a color that will match your mood. 

Balmie Highlighter

For those no makeup makeup days, Axiology’s Balmie Highlighter gives you the perfect glow without any effort at all. 

Blue Light Mist

Not only does Ilia’s Blue Light Mist protect you from those harmful rays your computer screen emits but it’s the best mid-day zhuzh for your skin!

Under Eye Masks

Perk up your peepers while you study with Pure Sol.’s Hydrogel Eye Masks. Pro tip: keep them in the fridge for a cooling boost of hydration. 


Speaking of the perfect study buddy! Omnilux’s Clear has been proven to reduce acne, blemishes, redness and acne scarring. 

Doré La Micellaire Water

Hydrate and Cleanse anywhere, anytime with this #frenchbeauty staple. Try this soothing liquid cleanse with our Marley's Monsters facial rounds

Super Sets 

Whether you’re on the road with your team, packing for a sleepover or just want to try on some new product, YTTP’s Super Sets are the way to go. Daily Skin Health, Plump It Up & Brighter Tomorrow are the right sizes, the right price and the right product for youthful, glowing skin.

Face Wash

Blume’s Daydreamer Face Wash is calming and hydrating all-in-one gently leaving skin soft, silky smooth, plump and never tight or dry. 

All Things Balm

Who doesn’t need a balm that does everything? Doré’s Le Baume fits in your back pocket and heals almost any skin issue or can be used at night for your TikTok slugging routine. 

We know this time of year you’re doing it all, from late-night study sessions to band/ball/play practice to dressing up in costume or for your first homecoming dance. To make your life a little less hectic, we’ve made finding the perfect beauty essentials easy, simple and chic. Go get your highlighters then stop into Wren and Wild, we’ve got the products to keep you clean, clear and glowing all day long!