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Renowned Holistic Practitioner, Tammy Fender

Renowned Holistic Practitioner, Tammy Fender

Over 25 years ago, Tammy Fender pioneered a movement towards natural, plant-based luxury skincare and holistic living, recognizing the interconnected nature of wellness, and guiding clients towards lifestyle choices that enhance vitality on every level—body, mind and spirit. Today, lucky recipients of a Tammy Fender spa experience are still reaping the rewards of her ingenuity and expertise. And very soon her influence and product line will be a signature experience in The Nest Clean Beauty Lounge. We’ve had the wonderful pleasure of meeting the TF team and getting to ask Tammy herself a few questions. 

Your career as an esthetician began over 25 years ago when there was not a lot in the way of clean, plant-powered and effective skin care. You became a pioneer in the industry. Today, clean beauty is a multi billion dollar industry and yet your brand is still able to set itself apart. Can you explain this?

It’s been amazing to see the beauty world begin to understand the power of plant-based healing and holistic care. Still, while many are just beginning to work with these incredible ancient resources, and approaching herbal remedies as the latest trend, we have been devoted to partnering with nature since the very beginning. One of the things that sets us apart is our absolute integrity when deciding which products to launch—since the beginning I have based my formulas on my clients’ needs, not on what’s hot in the marketplace. For me, working with holistic, plant-based remedies isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle and it’s my devotion.

Tell us what living a holistic lifestyle means to you? And is achieving this possible for any and everyone?

Living holistically is about living simply and in harmony with our true nature. That means choosing food in its simplest form—as when eating raw vegetables and fruit, making time for peacefulness and rest, and spending time with friends and family, as well as bringing out the skin’s radiance with holistic natural formulas. And it’s absolutely possible to begin where you are for anyone and everyone. The first step is often not adding more into your routine, but carving away the things that don’t serve you—the products with lots of extra synthetic ingredients or paring down the over-full schedule.

In our Tammy Fender team training your educator (who was lovely by the way) said “We do not believe beauty is skin deep but rather soul deep”. Can you elaborate on this?

From a holistic point-of-view beauty is not only how you look, but how you feel emotionally and spiritually, too. When I work with plant formulas I create blends that serve the whole being—offering support for the body, mind, spirit and the skin. These are all interconnected, and when you see someone radiating with beautiful glowing skin, often you will find that they are at peace, and taking beautiful care of themselves not just when going through their skin care routine, but in how they interact with others and with the world at large.

What can a client receiving a Tammy Fender facial expect? 

I want every one of our clients to feel held in a way that allows them to release what they are carrying—whether stress or through detoxification processes. And I want each of our clients to also feel nurtured—that they are receiving in body, mind and soul in a way that feels growthful and illuminating. Of course, we are also concerned with the physical appearance of the skin! And looking through that lens both the relaxation of the underlying musculature through our massage techniques and the restoration of our formulas comes shining through.

Can you share with us your morning/evening skincare routine?

I love to mix up my routine. Right now I am using gentle Cleansing Milk in the mornings, followed by Bulgarian Rose Water to reawaken the skin and nourishing Plant Milk Serum, which offers a light veil of protection. In the evening after toning with Bulgarian Rose Water, I press two drops of ultra-concentrated Quintessential Serum into the skin—It’s pure rejuvenation. Then, if my skin is feeling dry or depleted I follow with a velvety application of Celestial Rose Crème, blended with pure Rose and Manuka Honey.

If you were to go on a trip with only one Tammy Fender product which would it be? 

Quintessential Serum is our most versatile, most precious and most concentrated formula—drop by drop it brings illumination and purely essential nutrients directly to the skin. I never travel without it.

You have had a lot of celebrity endorsements. Can you share one that felt especially rewarding?

It’s hard to say which connection has felt most rewarding. We’ve been blessed to have our work recognized by so many well known names, whether for our spa treatments or our formulations.

Team Wren & Wild is excited for to be the first and only spa in the Pacific Northwest to offer the Tammy Fender experience. Book yours today