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Heretic Parfum Dirty Hinoki Candle


Bougie Parfumée Candle

Inspired by the ancient practice of forest bathing Dirty Hinoki fragrance was created to express the multisensory experience of clearing your mind and opening yourself up to nature. The smooth, citrusy, and herbal note of Hinoki Wood runs through the top, heart and base of this scent and is accompanied by sacred resins, crushed herbs, and complex woody notes of Cypress, Himalayan Cedar, Elemi and Balsam for an earthy and ethereal "forest bath" in a bottle. Hand-poured with a vegan-friendly soy wax base and lead-free, unbleached 100% cotton wick. 

Top Notes: Lemon, Cedar, Nutmeg, Thyme, Pine

Heart Notes: Hinoki, Cypress

Base Notes: Elemi, Wormwood, Fir Absolute, Balsam, Frankincense