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Ayuna Nectar


A surprisingly lightweight creamy-serum that combines organic active ingredients (70%) with molecular precise biotechnological components. Its unprecedented composition based on “Living Stone” Stem Cells and hyaluronic-like bio-sugars to increase vitamin D levels while restoring the feel of supple, soothed skin. The efficacy of this potent creation is reinforced by the life-giving power of cherry sublimate water and the emotional impact conferred by a 100% natural aromachological blend composed of more than 20 essential oils. It also incorporates Astaxanthin, the super antioxidant ketocarotenoid responsible for the salmon hue of the formula.

1.6 oz



• Increased levels of vitamin D and Lumisterol even under sunscreen.

• Radiant skin, glowing from within, plump
and full of volume.

• Improved skin respiration and microcirculation.

• Provides an even tone and a redensified texture.
• Skin comfort and well-being.
• Soothing in both the short and long term.

• Moisturises, restructures and improves tex-

• Protects against everyday external stimulation such as the weather, pollution and chemical agents that irritate the skin, particularly on sensitive and fragile skin.