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Freeing the planet from plastic waste. 

A great hair day leaves you feeling confident, empowered, bold, stunning, supported and refreshed. Tapping into your senses; luxurious lather, evocative scenting, and minimalist design work together for the ultimate in-shower experience. From the very first familiar lather, all skepticism rinses away. The luxury hair care experience you know and love is elevated, from lather to finished style, hair feels soft, manageable and nourished and all without the plastic waste.

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Shampoo and conditioner bars packaging with bold typography design.
NOTICE HAIR CO. Travel Set - Balancer

1 review
A single white spherical object casting a soft shadow on a light background.
A blue square tile with a textured surface casting a shadow on a white background.

1 review
A single round yellow bath bomb on a white background.
Brown cardboard packaging for a shampoo and conditioner bar by notice hair co. labeled "the hydrator.
A single egg casting a shadow on a plain white background.
A single egg with a prominent shadow, centered on a plain background.
Blue and white marble sphere on a white background with a shadow.
A plain yellow ball on a white background with a shadow underneath.
Hair care products from notice hair co. including a "wingman suds & soften" shampoo bar and a small container of blue styling balm, arranged neatly next to their packaging.