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The makeup brands we carry have been elevating industry standards for decades and our beauty concierge will help you achieve your look. Whether it’s natural, no-makeup-makeup or bold and smoky we have the non-toxic, clean ingredients driven makeup bag essentials.


A jar of translucent cosmetic primer with a black lid casting a shadow.
A tube of fenty beauty lip gloss against a white background.
A cosmetic eyeliner pencil with packaging.
Open tube of purple mascara with applicator wand displayed on a white background.
Fitglow Beauty Plant Protein Brow Gel

1 review
A lip liner pencil alongside its packaging.
Fitglow Beauty Lip Liner

4 reviews
Liquid lipstick tube with a metallic cap on a white background.
Fitglow Beauty Correct +

16 reviews
Three sets of hands displaying foundation swatches for different skin tones on a marble background.
Fitglow Beauty Conceal +

7 reviews
Fitglow beauty lip color serum | Wren and Wild in Bend Oregon
Fitglow Beauty Lip Color Serum

13 reviews
Fitglow Beauty Night Lip Serum | Wren and Wild Bend OR
Fitglow Beauty Night Lip Serum

14 reviews
Mascara tube with brush applicator on white background.
Fitglow Beauty Vegan Good Lash Mascara

3 reviews