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Fitglow Beauty


Anna is a lifelong health and fitness expert, inspired by nature and science. Through many years of trial and error trying to heal her ultra-sensitive rosacea skin, she found synthetic products were too harsh and irritating, and products in the green beauty space were challenging to her skin due to high essential oils, waxes and unstable actives found in the formulas. Unable to find products that would solve her problematic skin and were free from harsh toxins and rich in proven bio actives. She set out to create products that would give her the results her skin craved and needed. As a personal trainer and health nutritionist, she found that beautiful skin and health go hand in hand - you are what you consume - so she has spent over a decade researching plant-based ingredients and working closely with skin experts, doctors and chemists to refine and perfect evidence-based formulas that go beyond the top layer of the skin. With a belief that you should not have to sacrifice performance for clean ingredients. Anna's challenge was set — create products that do the work for you so your skin can flourish and thrive. Born in Poland and raised in the countryside of Canada, she found inspiration and passion for healing via plant remedies. That's where Fitglow Beauty was born.


Fitglow Beauty

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