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Soothe Your Mind - The Power of Scent

Soothe Your Mind - The Power of Scent

For as long as I have known, the soap dish in my grandma’s bathroom has contained a pink bar whose scent is hard to forget. I once walked into a hotel lobby, my eyes lit up and I said, “oh, smells like my grandma”. The scent of the potpourri in a dish on the counter transported me back to my childhood, standing in her bathroom at the mirror playing with her makeup, using her hair brushes, and taking in the scent of that pink bar. Recently, I spent some time with her. Each day the scent of her bathroom was a vivid reminder of sweet childhood memories I’d forgotten. I was hit with nostalgia each time I saw that little pink bar in her soap dish and took in its aroma. 

This connection between memory, emotion and scent is nothing new. We often forget how powerful it is until we smell something terrible and recoil, or we're taken back to a fond memory from the scent of cookies baking, fresh cut grass, or a vase of flowers on the table, that we are reminded of the ability of our olfactory sense. 

The Nue Co. explains the biology bit; of the five senses, scent is the only one with a direct line to three of the most important areas of the brain: the orbitofrontal cortex, which signifies awareness, the hippocampus, which is linked to memory, and the amygdala, which helps us sort smells and is directly associated with our emotions and mood. The process begins in the nose, where around 450 olfactory receptors (roughly half the amount a dog has), detect smells and send signals to the brain for it to decipher.”

This intimate connection between scent, emotion and mood has been studied extensively and the findings of these studies are where the Nue Co. began to create their fragrances supplements. “Put simply, we used key scents from what researchers call “fragrance families,” with a proven record of calming and relaxing the brain.” 

Through sustainably sourced scents, The Nue Co. harnesses the power of nature to decrease stress and anxiety with soothing scents like Water Therapy and Functional Fragrance. And increase cognitive function and stimulate the neural pathways to enhance mental performance with the energizing scent of Mind Energy. “Think of our fragrances like a shortcut to certain brain functions; when you need a quick reset, your nose is the most reliable route.”