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Body Talk

Body Talk

When I hear the word skincare, I immediately think of a morning and night ritual filled with formulations and techniques to make my face dewy, glowy, and smooth. It’s a rare moment that I would give the same description or time to the skin below my collarbones. That is, until the weather becomes warmer and I’m about to bare my arms or legs to the elements, and suddenly, the parts of my body that have been in hibernation for months get revealed. 

In honor of this inevitable moment that we will all face in the coming months, I say it’s time we dote on those lesser-loved inches of our sweet selves and confidently bare, dewy, glowy bodies and spring into smooth skin. 

For some of you, the thought of adding even one more step to your skincare routine might hurt your head. But, I promise you this daily routine will quickly become the necessity you didn’t know your body was craving and as habitual as brushing your teeth. 

Morning Routine

Pre-Shower:  It's time for next-level exfoliation, increasing circulation, promoting lymph flow, and a morning wake-up for the body. You guessed it, we start with Wren & Wild's Dry Brush to sweep away dead skin, awaken your senses, and prep your body to step into the shower. 

Shower:  You may or may not choose to use a shower scrub on dry brush days; paying attention to what your skin asks is essential. However, I will use a creamy polish like One Love Organic's Vitamin C Body Polish to shave my legs to make them so silky and smooth. On days I know I need extra love, I'll exfoliate any dry spots with Osea's Salts Of The Earth Body Scrub.

For an extra luxurious showering and bathing experience, use a natural sponge from the sea to lather your Corpus Body Wash.

If you don't yet use body oil, now is the time to start. You'll want to use your body oil on slightly damp skin before leaving the shower. Your skin will be transformed, and I highly recommend Kindred's La Femme Body Oil for its powerful aging benefits, glorious scent, and high vitamin formulation, not to mention how beautiful it looks on your bathroom counter. 

Out of the Shower: What you use to moisturize is your business, but let's agree, we all need one. Yes, even if you use an oil, it's a good idea to seal in that goodness with something like Lake & Skye's Orange Blossom & Bergamot Body Butter or Dr. Barbara Sturm's Super Anti-Aging Body Cream.

Lastly, just like your face, the rule of thumb is 'if it's going to be in the sun, put sunscreen on it.' You can't go wrong with Suntegrity's Mineral Body SPF 30

Evening Routine

Nothing says an evening wind down like a time-tested, therapeutic bath. The Deep Sleep Bath Salts from Saint Jane Beauty will transform your bath water and skin. You can equally unwind using a body serum and a gua sha tool for the legs and arms. Try Odacité’s multi-use Crystal Contour Gua Sha with Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Body Serum (or use the lotion or oil from your morning routine). Apply the serum and, with some pressure, make long, lifted, upward strokes with the gua sha along your target area.

Finally, before you tuck into bed, coat your body with a luxurious, heavy moisturizer like Osea’s Undaria Algae Body Butter. Your skin will feel amazing, your body will be relaxed, and you, my friend, will be ready for the warm days ahead.