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An Effortless Guide to Depuff Your Eyes

An Effortless Guide to Depuff Your Eyes

Fluid retention, too much salt or alcohol, the position we sleep in, genetics, and hormones are some of the reasons Dr. Barbara Sturm suggests we wake up looking less than refreshed and with a little more puff under our bright eyes. 

Regardless of the reason, when we wake up we need to look fresh. Thankfully, our beauty queens have some solutions and they are easy peasy persian silk tree* squeezy.

Roll it out! Anytime you're looking a little baggy, take the small end of your Odacité Cryo-Tech Facial Tool and dip it in a glass of ice water for 30 seconds for a de-puffing cryo sesh. Gently massage under your eye with Ba+S Eye Contour Serum Concentrate containing a quartet of oils that support wrinkle Odacité Cryo-Tech Facial Tool reduction and help to relieve puffiness & dark circles. 

Pop on an under eye mask. Had a fun girls night out? Throw your Pure Sol. Eye Masks in the fridge. The next morning, grab your masks, the charcoal in them de-puffs, the hyaluronic acid moisturizes and hydrogel locks it all in. Hop in the shower for the last few minutes, allowing the steam to increase the absorption of the serum. 

Apply an eye cream. Layer it up. Before you apply your makeup, put on the perfect primer to reduce your puff and look your brightest, brilliant self. Here are a few that work wonders. 

Tata Harper’s Superkind Bio Barrier Eye Serum

Dr. Barbara’s Sturm’s Super Anti Aging Eye Cream 

Osea Advanced Repair Eye Cream

Ilia Bright Start Retinol Alternative Eye Cream

Take a few minutes or a whole spa day, either way, layer, use all your tools (sure cucumbers work too), and love on those sweet eyes of yours. 

*Albizia julibrissin is a tree that was originally grown in southern and eastern Asia. The stem and tree bark are known to improve skin conditions and reduce swelling