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Shroom Boom

Shroom Boom

The Appeal of Adaptogens 

From produce to products it seems that mushrooms are popping up everywhere and team Wren and Wild are not the only fans of the fungi. Mushrooms have found their way into some of our most effective and popular formulations and customers are loving the trend. What is making these products that are flying off the shelves such popular must haves?

Earlier this year we brought in a brand called Alice Mushrooms and within the first week we were sold out of the divine chocolates that promote both alertness and energy in their Brainstorm formulation and relaxation and sleep in their Nightcap variation. Each cute little tin contains 16 servings of decadent chocolate filled with functional mushrooms (mushrooms with adaptogenic properties). Brainstorm is to be used prior to those times that require deep focus or a boost of energy. We have a client who takes one before she heads to the gym and says it’s increased her ability to focus and her productivity. The latter is to be taken, just as the name suggests, as a healthy version of a nightcap to help you wind down. Several fans say they never travel without these as they are great for a quick snooze on a plane or when your comfy cozy nighttime routine is altered. 

Team Alice explains what you’re eating when you enjoy a piece of chocolate bliss:

“Functional mushrooms are packed with compounds that nourish your mind and body in ways you can actually feel. Different from culinary mushrooms (our favorite food) and psych (an entirely different fungal family) functional mushrooms deliver nutrients that can sharpen your mind, help you sleep better, and generally feel your best. The trick is to make them part of your daily routine — the benefits of these fungi compound in your body over time and become more effective with sustained use.”

A brand seen on our shelves for years that has not only embraced but exalted the use of mushrooms as healing organisms is a cult fav, Moon Juice. Moon Juice blends, plant proteins, adaptogenic super herbs and mushrooms to “elevate body, beauty and consciousness”.

Team Moon Juice explains what exactly adaptogens are and how they assist in your body’s ability to heal : 

“Adaptogens are plants — roots, berries, leaves, and dried mushroom powders — that learned to survive and thrive by adapting to external stressors. They help our bodies adapt to stress, too! Adaptogens help bring us to homeostasis (our healthy, middle resting point), which reduces the effects of stress like sluggishness, irritability, and brain fog, leaving us more balanced, calm, and resilient. Get to know some of them and their health benefits:

  • Ashwagandha: The mood root, clinically shown to help reduce stress and regulate cortisol levels.
  • Cordyceps: Bioactive natural mushroom powder traditionally used to sustain energy and stamina.*
  • Reishi: Nootropic mushroom supplement known to help balance mood and support concentration.*
  • Rhodiola: Brain root known to support concentration and help reduce fatigue in the body.*

  • Beauty Dusts, Skincare and Supplements, Moon Juice has adorned the shelves of Wren and Wild since we opened. Similar to how adaptogens work in our body when our skin shows signs of stress, which, YES, it does, they help to create balance, ease irritation, plump and fortify our faces to be their most vibrant and healthy versions. 

    Youth to the People has long used adaptogens in one of our best selling moisturizers. Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream uses ashwagandha and reishi to hydrate, detoxify and reduce the signs of stress on the skin. A great product to use on those outdoor excursion days. 

    Since the trend shows no signs of slowing down (and we are not sad about it) we’re bringing in a line of Shroom-Powered Haircare, which includes their bestselling Moon Boost Lash Serum. Luna Nectar has designed modern adaptogen topicals backed by research, and proven through centuries for hair protection and preservation. 

    Corpus Natural’s N° Green Body Butter is another product to be on the lookout for. With its use of tremella mushroom extract to improve skin elasticity and firmness it’s going to be a summer skin favorite. 

    It’s exciting to catch up with what ancient practices have known for years; that these fantastic little fungi are exceptional gifts from nature that can assist us in being our most vibrant selves. Speaking of gifts, we think your friends are going to like them too! 


    Team W&W