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Alice Mushrooms

Spreading the power of mushrooms in the most delightful way possible.

Alice was born out of a desire to give people what neither the pharmaceutical industry nor supplements have provided: safe, effective consumables that pair long-term benefits with immediate boosts to cognitive functioning.

Alice is a female-founded company created by Lindsay Goodstein, a creative director, community-builder, and former pharmaceutical executive who has spent years studying mushrooms, and Charlotte Cruze, a food scholar and wellness authority who has built inventive, forward-thinking food brands. The duo spent two years collaborating with homeopathic doctors, formulators and generational chocolatiers to develop naturally indulgent treats that highlight the power of mushrooms.

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A hand presenting a package of "alice mushroom chocolates" amidst a vibrant array of flowers.
Alice Mushrooms Nightcap

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Stack of three metal tins with "alice" and "brainform" branding on a beige background.
A tin of alice mushroom chocolates lying amidst greenery and flowers.