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Let's Talk About Sex-ual Wellness

Let's Talk About Sex-ual Wellness

We talk a lot about "wellness" here in the nest, which often includes a vast array of skincare, body care, non-toxic makeup, feel-good eye masks, cozy socks, and dreamy ingredients for the perfect bathtime ritual. However, a topic that doesn't get as much air time is our sexual wellness. Sex can easily get overlooked in the business of every day and become less of a priority over time. So, we thought we'd move our sexual wellness to the top of our self-care routine, highlighting a few products that may seduce you to cancel your reservations. 

Moon Juice Sex Dust GIF

The gals over at Moon Juice have been normalizing sex ed for years, supplying us with the lusty blend of adaptogens and herbs in their infamous Sex Dust formulation. Stress plays a significant role in our desire for intimate relationships both with ourselves and others; Sex Dust combats those symptoms and leaves us feeling frisky and full of creative energy. Pair your Sex Dust cocktail with a little treat from Alice Mushrooms to prepare for an indulgent evening in. 

A Couple sharing Alice Mushrooms Happy Endings

Great sex has been beginning with chocolate for years. Alice Mushrooms took it to the next level to seal the deal. Each decadent bite of Happy Endings combines the fast-acting effects of herbal supplements and nootropics with the long-term benefits of functional mushrooms and adaptogens, the effect only getting more and more potent over time. 

Man Showering with Flamingo Estate's Euphoria Body Wash

There's no denying the seductiveness of Flamingo Estate's Euphoria Collection. And the steam will surely rise when the shower is filled with the intoxicating scent of night-blooming jasmine, an aroma that gets more fragrant as the night goes on. 

Lastly, we are excited about the latest addition to our intimate self-care section: MaudeMaude is a modern sexual wellness company that sees sexual health as an essential part of our overall well-being and stands for sexual inclusivity (AKA de-stigmatizing sexuality). 

At a time in our history when women's sexuality is seen by some as criminal, and the way we tend to the beauty of our gardens, a topic that some believe is not ours to decide, it's a relief and a show of reverence and resistance to take our sexuality back! Reorganize your self-care priority list and add sexual wellness to the top, be it solo or the partner kind. It's yours to own, and we are here to help. 


Team W&W