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Out With The Old, In With The New: Makeup Bag Detox Tips

Out With The Old, In With The New: Makeup Bag Detox Tips

A few times a year, it feels natural to open the windows, pull everything out of the drawers, and do a major purge, cleaning, or a complete Marie Kondoing of your life. Our pantry, closets, and garage are obvious places to start, but this Spring, we are going to invite you along with us to sweep through that makeup bag and your bathroom cabinets where your dozens of beautifying products reside and assess if it’s time to make the clean beauty makeup swap. Here are five easy steps to cleanse your cosmetics. 

Step One: Assess what’s in the bag and what you actually need. 

As the Marie Kondo technique suggests, we've got to pour everything out of the bag and out of the cabinets and drawers to get a clear picture of what we have in our possession. Place all of your makeup on a big white towel on the floor or counter and split the products into categories: 

  • Foundations + Concealers
  • Highlighters + Bronzers
  • Blush
  • Mascara
  • Brow Pencils + Gels
  • Lip Glosses + Lipsticks
  • Brushes + Tools

Westman Atelier

Step Two: Deciding what stays and what goes

When is it time to toss the mascara? Have you had that eye shadow for five years? When was the last time you wore that lipstick? The truth is that old makeup harbors bacteria. And if you’re not wearing a product, it’s taking up space in your bag that could be used by a fresh new color or a clean alternative that is both healing and healthy for your skin. So, how long does a product actually last? If your product does not have an expiration date, here are some good rules to follow:

  • Foundations, concealers, eyeshadows = 12 months. If foundations start to separate or powders start to crack it time for them to go.
  • Mascara = 3 months
  • Lipstick and gloss = 12- 24 months. Unless you’ve had a cold sore, toss right away.

Keep All the clean products you have recently bought. 

Keep for now: Transition products. We understand how hard it can be to let go. If a product has not expired, and you’re not ready to part with it, consider it a transition product. Finish what you have, and talk to us about finding an equally good replacement when the time comes. 

Time to toss: Expired, about to expire, and products with dirty chemicals and toxins. Getting rid of chemicals and fragrances will allow your skin to breathe, and your makeup application will look fresh and dewy once you switch out the old and bring in some new pieces. 

Step Three: Clean your Bag | Clean Your Brushes

Throw your makeup bag in the washing machine using DedCool’s Laundry Detergent and clean your brushes with Parian Spirit’s all natural Brush Cleaner.

Step Four: Book Your Makeup Consultation with one of our expert artists

Not only is your $50 reservation fee redeemable in product the day of your appointment, but you will also receive a brand new green and white checkered makeup bag and a free Fitglow Mini Lip Serum in March. 

Makeup Consultation

Step Five: Replace your products. This is the fun part!

Don’t forget to add a clean Fragrance and a Sunscreen! Another great way to detox is to Spring Clean Your Skin with a Facial. No better time for a Wren and Wild Signature Dermaplane Procedure. Your face will glow instantly, and your new makeup will glide on evenly and effortlessly. 

Spring is a time of renewal and transformation, and what better way to begin again than by lightening your makeup bag and ditching the toxins and chemicals weighing you down! We have products that can quickly help you embrace the change to clean beauty and a team of beauty enthusiasts who can’t wait to help you with your Spring glow.