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Clean Beauty: What Does It Actually Mean to Be Clean?

Clean Beauty: What Does It Actually Mean to Be Clean?

Clean Beauty: What Does It Actually Mean to Be Clean?

With tons of products on the market and a list of confusing terminology, the true definition and values of “clean beauty” can sometimes get confusing. Essentially, products have to meet certain criteria in order to be considered “clean,” some of which include non-toxic ingredients, transparent labeling, and overall, efficacious formulas. 

When shopping around for new products, it only makes sense that you’d want a general idea of what exactly you’re putting on your skin, at the very least. So if you’re considering making the switch to clean beauty in 2021, allow us to give you a breakdown of what it actually means to be clean! 

Non-Toxic Ingredients

To us, clean beauty is synonymous with non-toxic beauty. It means that the products you’re choosing are free of any ingredients that could cause harm to your skin or your health. There are too many products out there that might be effective at one thing but cause a list of other health issues. When it comes to skincare and makeup, it’s incredibly important to understand the ingredients that are coming into contact with your body and their risks. 

Even if you’re not as concerned about toxic chemicals and skin irritation, clean beauty can slow the aging process, keeping your skin youthful and healthy. Take it from the dermatologists and aestheticians who agree that the ingredients you use on your skin should be taken just as seriously as the food you put into your body! 

Transparent Labels

As a consumer, it shouldn’t be a challenge to figure out whether or not a product will work for your skin or if it aligns with your personal values. However, since the beauty industry is as large as it is, labels and branding can be misleading. Clean beauty is a safe space for consumers to put their trust in small brands that are transparent and honest about their ingredients, business practices, and ethics. 

Greenwashing and buzz-words are common advertising tactics that are both deceptive and unethical for businesses to practice. Transparent labeling means that the brand not only labels itself as “clean” but also shows you what makes them clean. 

Does Clean Beauty Always Mean “Green” and Cruelty-Free?

Technically, clean, green, and cruelty-free are all different categories of the beauty industry. Just because a product is clean, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s eco-friendly or cruelty-free. In general, clean beauty refers to the contents inside, which make the product have a cleaner, safer formula for your skin. However, at Wren and Wild, every brand we partner with is environmentally sustainable and cruelty-free as well because we believe that clean beauty has all of these values!

We make clean beauty easy. While protecting your skin from harsh chemicals, you’re also protecting the planet from toxic waste and pollution. Beyond that, you’re keeping animals free of harm. The way we see it is that clean beauty is about ethics, health, and safety of all living things, and of course, never sacrifices effectiveness!