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CLEAN BEAUTY Cleansing the Clean Beauty Way

CLEAN BEAUTY Cleansing the Clean Beauty Way

Let’s talk skin care routines. Whether you’re a product junkie with a 10-step ritual or a lower-key beauty that can hardly remember to moisturize, setting the foundation of a good skincare routine sets you up with beautiful, healthy skin both now and later.

The first step in any good routine is cleansing. Washing away makeup, excess oil, and the day’s cares away with a good cleanser paves the way for healthy, clear skin and the effectiveness of other products in your natural beauty ritual.

The most effective cleansing routine starts with choosing the right cleanser for your skin type. Using the proper cleanser is just as important as the practice itself and can prevent skin from becoming dried out or congested. Those with dry or aging skin typically benefit from more gentle cream or milk cleansers while oily or acne-prone skin types can find balance with deeper-cleaning gel and foam cleansers.

From gels to milks, every cleanser at Wren & Wild is formulated with the best plant-powered, naturally-derived ingredients and absolutely without harsh sulfates and other toxic yuckies. Read on for our edit of a few of our clean beauty cleansing favorites.

This nutrient-rich gel cleanser combines superfoods with science for a balanced cleanse that also protects your skin from free radicals and environmental stress. Packed with antioxidant rich kale, spinach and green tea, this gentle-yet-thorough cleanser is a great choice for those with normal or aging skin.

Formulated with some of nature’s best skin soothers like sea algae and water lily extract, this creamy cleanser removes makeup and other impurities and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. Vegan lactic acid gently exfoliates and refines to reveal nourished, radiant skin.

A cleanser, exfoliant and mask in one, Indie Lee’s gel cleanser is a triple threat for dull, uneven and otherwise blah skin. Antioxidant rich strawberry seed and tomato extracts brighten, exfoliate and hydrate while wheat protein leaves skin silky and luminous. Foam gently to wash away makeup and impurities, or leave on as a mask for 5 minutes before rinsing to smooth texture and minimize the appearance of pores.

Uncover radiant, youthful skin with this gel cleanser that combines exfoliant superstars AHA and BHA to reveal your best skin ever. Pro Vitamin A joins the anti-aging party and does its part to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while never stripping the skin of its natural acidity. Recommended for all skin types except those with ultra-sensitive skin.