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Westman Atelier Lip Brush


A subtly wider brush head for seamless application. Handmade in Japan.

Our favorite lip makeup tool and perfect match to Lip Suede. The wider brush head picks up the perfect amount of pigment and creates a beautiful curve as color glides over lips. A substantial handle gives maximum control for the most effortlessly gorgeous finish. 

Made with cruelty-free, super soft nylon fibers

2 oz.

How To Use

  • I love the precision of a soft, beautiful, curvy mouth that only a lip brush can provide. Play around with how diffused or precise you want the finish to be.

    Before applying lip color, gently exfoliate skin with a warm towel and let lip balm sink in for a few minutes.
  • Apply color from the center of the mouth outward. This way, pigment lasts longer through talking and drinking, while the edges look more modern and diffused.
  • To correct small mistakes and prevent color from bleeding, use a foundation brush and Vital Skin around the outer perimeter of the mouth. Afterward, use a fingertip or pointy Q-tip to dab away excess foundation so it's completely invisible.

    xx Gucci