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From the sea, for a body in motion.

SALT & STONE is skincare and self-care for a life lived in motion. Founded in Los Angeles, and built on and from a connection to the natural world.

Created by former professional snowboarder Nima Jalali, SALT & STONE draws on a deep understanding of the elements—their effects on the skin and body—a desire to create beautiful products in harmony with nature and a celebration of the all-consuming power of scent.

Each product is a careful blend of antioxidant and nutrient rich ingredients—including seaweed, spirulina, kelp–created to protect, cleanse, support and recover.

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A stick of salt & stone deodorant against a neutral background.
A container of salt & stone natural deodorant with santal and vetiver on a plain background.
A pump bottle of salt & stone body wash against a white background.
SALT & STONE - Antioxidant Body Wash

4 reviews
A bottle of salt & stone body lotion with a pump dispenser against a white background.
SALT & STONE Body Lotion

2 reviews
Salt & stone body wash products displayed against a neutral background.