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Hi! My name is Arax and I am a computer engineer. After several years of corporate business life, I decided to go into something that would be good for my soul... I've always been passionate about fine arts and I have had a love for creating unique items. Throughout the years, I attended so many workshops to learn embroidery, weaving, drawing, painting, block printing, punching, felt needling, wood painting, and resin art.

Finally, 2 years ago, I founded Moa Design Store as a woman-owned small business and I have turned my passion into something I hope to share with you and your loved ones. While creating my designs, I'm dedicated to present the best quality, to support the local artisans and the women trying to make a living in Turkey. All the materials I use are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and natural. By supporting our small business, you'll also be supporting our values. All the best, Arax Tomayan

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A person by the sea wearing a white shirt with eye patterns on the back.