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Leland Francis

Dillon Peña's journey as a professional makeup artist began in Oklahoma City, then Dallas, and eventually New York City, where his talents caught the eye of beauty revolutionary Bobbi Brown and was hand-selected to be a member of her exclusive artistic team.

From there, Peña dove head first into a world of beauty elites. His work has been featured in the likes of New York Fashion Week, award show red carpets, global luxury fashion magazines, major music videos, and more.

Because of the important role that skincare played in his work, Peña began prioritizing the use of non-toxic, clean products that would promote healthy skin on his clients. With a desire for truly natural, clean-ingredient skincare at the forefront of his mind, Leland Francis was born.

The name pays homage to his great grandfather, who established the farm where Peña was raised.

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