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Eye Care

The delicate eye area needs extra love and we have clean, safe and effective solutions to target each and every need.


A jar of contouring eye balm with a swipe of the product visible above it.
A jar of osea advanced repair eye cream against a white background.
Osea Advanced Repair Eye Cream

1 review
Black cosmetic dispenser bottle with white branding on white background.
Save 50%
Ayuna Eye Serum
$75.00 $150.00
A blue bottle of augustinus bader skincare product with an orange cap against a black background.
A bottle of fig & glow beauty eye c firm cream.
Save 37%
Two odacite skincare products against a white background: a tube of "edelweiss extreme eye cream" and a jar of "intense repair eye crème" with peptide and carnos.
A bottle of dr. barbara sturm super anti-aging eye serum.