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Dr. Alkaitis

Affectionately refered to as “the Godfather of Organic Skin Care”.

During the very early 1990’s Dr. Alkaitis became aware of all the potentially harmful ingredients that were in the skin care products his beloved wife Paula and daughter Trish (who runs the company today) were using. 

To protect their health, he began developing and formulating therapeutic products / high performance skin care working only with completely clean, edible ingredients.

A highly regarded research scientist, he introduced the first products of his line in 1996. A true pioneer in the field, he was the first that started formulating with the strict guideline that he still uses today, 25 years later: “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin” ™.


A bottle of dr. alkaitis organic nourishing treatment oil next to its packaging box.
Organic purifying facial cleanser bottle next to its packaging.
A set of four organic skincare products by dr. alkaitis, including a trial and travel kit packaging.
A TSA-approved, Dr. Alkaitis Organic Travel Kit Deluxe comprising skincare products in bottles and jars, beautifully arranged in front of a white cosmetic travel bag. Ideal for eco-conscious travelers.