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Bask Suncare

Sunscreen You Body Will Love Wearing

Hi, we’re Bask! We’re a celebration of feeling good: in the sun, in your skin, and with your people. Sunshine has always helped us do that. But sunscreen hasn’t. That’s why we created great-feeling SPF formulas that are lightweight, non-oily, easy to apply, and better for you and the environment.

It all began after losing a family member to skin cancer. We set out to change sun care by inspiring and motivating people to wear more sunscreen with products that are a joy to put on. Bask is sun care you want to wear.

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A tube of broad spectrum spf 30 sunscreen lotion.
Bask Suncare SPF 30 Travel Lotion

3 reviews
A yellow bottle of non-aerosol sunscreen mist with broad-spectrum spf 30 protection in a continuous spray format.
Bask Suncare SPF 50 Non-Aerosol Spray

4 reviews
Tube of spf 50 sunscreen lotion.
A yellow spray bottle of broad-spectrum sunscreen.
A tube of Bask Daily Invisible Gel SPF 40 sunscreen in a blue and yellow color scheme, isolated on a black background.