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Is Clean Beauty Better For the Environment?

Is Clean Beauty Better For the Environment?

Is Clean Beauty Better For the Environment?

It’s no secret that beauty is a glamorous industry for several reasons. One being that the products themselves are glamorous with their aesthetic packaging, and two, the way the products make us feel as consumers. While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of glamour in your life, the beauty industry is responsible for massive amounts of pollution and toxic landfill waste! And if you ask us, there’s nothing too glamorous about that.

In recent years, beauty and skincare enthusiasts have been making more space for clean, non-toxic products and eliminating products that put their health at risk. But toxic ingredients and clear skin aren’t the only areas of concern; there’s also a demand for sustainable products, otherwise known as green or sustainable beauty. 

The question is, can clean and green beauty be combined? Do they mean the same thing? Dive deeper with us to find out everything you need to know about clean beauty in terms of sustainability and environmental damage! 

Does Clean Beauty Always Mean Sustainable?

Put simply; clean beauty doesn’t refer to sustainable or eco-friendly practices. Clean beauty focuses on the product’s formula, ensuring that it’s free of harmful ingredients and safe to use on the most sensitive of skin types. The ingredients should always be minimal and easy to understand so that there’s complete transparency between the brand and the average consumer. 

Green beauty typically pushes for earth-derived ingredients and sustainable practices at the same time. Some brands combine clean ingredients with sustainable sourcing and packaging, but it’s not always guaranteed. Since there’s no concise definition of clean, green, and sustainable beauty, always be sure to read up on the brand to make sure that it’s aligned with your personal values!

What Does Sustainable Beauty Look Like?

Sustainable beauty is typically focused on several factors: sourcing, formulas, carbon emissions, and product packaging. Two main reasons that beauty has become one of the top polluting industries is because of unsustainable practices and wasteful packaging. At this point, we all know that plastic is a leading cause of global warming and the disruption of animal habitats. Unfortunately, conventional beauty products almost always come in some sort of plastic component.

Sustainable beauty finds innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint while protecting the formula inside. And let us tell you, it certainly can be done! With advancing technology, sustainable and clean beauty are on the rise for a reason. Beauty doesn’t need to come at the expense of waste, toxic chemicals, and the harm of animals!

Where to Find Sustainable and Clean Beauty?

At Wren and Wild, we go through the research and the trial and error process so that you don’t have to! All 50+ of our brands are tested for their safety, effectiveness, and level of sustainability. We offer brands that minimize their packaging waste, stay true to simple and effective formulas, and pay attention to their environmental responsibility. 

In 2021, there’s no need to repurchase a plastic shampoo bottle when you can opt for one that eliminates the packaging altogether, which reduces your own carbon footprint! Or instead of choosing that plastic beauty product, we have hundreds of options from clean beauty brands that offer the same results with a smaller impact. Going into this new year, make it a priority to choose ingredients and practices that’re kinder to your skin, our wildlife, and the planet!