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Mighty Patch Nose


The next-gen nose patch

Minimum effort, major results. Introducing the nose strip of the 21st century. 

Absorb oil and pore gunk while you sleep. Wake up in the AM and peel it all away. Mighty Patch Nose gently absorbs gunk in 6-8 hours so your nose looks clearer overnight — without irritating skin.

Absorbs gunk overnight

XL nose coverage

Improves the look of pores

10 patches (91mm x 48mm)

How To Use

1. Start with clean, dry skin. For extra-satisfying results, exfoliate before you patch – it helps loosen up the gunk.

2. Peel off the backing to expose the sticky side, get patch in place, then smooth the patch down starting from the center out towards the sides.

3. Leave on 6-8 hours (until it turns white with gunk). Now the fun part – peel it off. Follow with Rescue Balm for an extra soothing boost.

Key Ingredients

A medical-grade gel that gently absorbs and traps gunk.