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With Good Intentions

With Good Intentions

Dictionary.com defines good intentions as “purpose or attitude toward the effect of one's actions or conduct”. Simply put, our intentions are the meaning or reason we take action, why we do what we do.

In the clean beauty world this usually begins innocently enough. There’s something we want to change regarding our skin’s texture, tone, plumpness or elasticity. We long for a dewy glow but feel all dried up. With good intentions, we walk into the boutique looking to change. 

But here at Wren and Wild, we like to look at it from a different perspective. Instead of longing to be different, we invite you to embrace all that you are, to actually look in the mirror and love the sweet self you see looking back, then, open the clean beauty door with the intention to uncover or enhance who you already are. It’s a subtle, yet profound shift in mindset that turns our good intentions into right action.

Let’s face it, our good intentions don’t always lead to positive outcomes. I went to a dermatologist for a new year, new me, glow up. I looked in the mirror and saw nothing but the lines of a lived life and I wanted them erased. The procedure caused a bout of rosacea that lasted over a year. I look back at pictures from before the treatment and my skin was beautiful. 

Choosing to see the beauty looking back at us inspires us to make positive, informed, and confident decisions around the products we use and the procedures we have done. That bout of rosacea was relieved by some impressively good quality products; wink, wink, Vintner’s Daughter, which I'm still obsessed with to this day. 

It doesn’t always come naturally to consider our beauty when we’ve spent a lifetime focused on our flaws, but, like anything else, it’s a practice and we get better with over time. And don't worry, sweetheart, because when it comes to your skin, your self care, your wellbeing, we’ve got you! 

Let’s begin together by paving the way to your most authentic, gorgeous self with good intentions. 


Cynthia and the Wren and Wild team