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St. Jane Beauty + 10 minute Qua Sha Ritual

St. Jane Beauty + 10 minute Qua Sha Ritual

It’s no secret we are inspired by all things that uplift and champion women and are slightly obsessed with all things floral. Naturally, we were drawn to a brand whose ethos combines the two. Named after the 15th century saint, St. Jane, who devoted her life to helping women cast aside by society; the very old, the very sick and unwed mothers, Saint Jane Beauty pays homage to the Saint, “It's in her honor that we take a healing-centric approach to beauty with craftsmanship and heritage at the heart of everything we do.” 

Known for harnessing the power of active florals to nourish and heal the skin, St. Jane Beauty uses botanicals timelessly beloved for thousands of years for their efficacy and considered both sacred and effective. “Generations have turned to these botanicals to calm and soothe the most troubling skin issues, each one is gently extracted to optimize purity and performance.”

St. Jane Beauty creates products with women’s well-being in mind and a portion of their sales go back to causes that advocate for women and we are big fans! 

Take a moment, soothe your soul with the Soothing Ritual Set and a 10 minute Qua Sha facial massage, stop to smell the Hydrabloom Body Silk, Slip on the Luxury Lip Oil, appreciate all the amazing women in your life who inspire you and bask in the feminine beauty that you are.