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Restore Skin's Radiance with Hero Ingredient, Niacinamide

Restore Skin's Radiance with Hero Ingredient, Niacinamide

At brunch recently, the table roared in laughter as a woman shared a story about telling a friend, “It’s great, I love it”, when clearly she did not, and the recipient of the comment replied, “well, maybe you should tell that to your face.” We cannot escape the fact that our emotional, mental, physical states all show up on our most forward facing feature. When we are angry, frustrated, sad, it shows. And when we are healthy, well cared for, happy and excited, it shows. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm admits she created her infamous Glo Drops to mimic the afterglow one has after a “pleasurable” experience;) The face tells the story of our internal environment and when someone has that luminous glow we can’t help but notice.

The shelves of Wren and Wild are curated similarly to how our brands curate the ingredients in their products; with the understanding that life’s stressors will always be present, but that doesn’t mean we can’t set our skin up for success. 

We know dull, lackluster skin when we see it in the mirror, however, articulating what would enhance our skin’s luminosity might not be clear. Generally speaking, when we have healthy skin it's balanced, hydrated, plump, and has a rosy radiance. Simply put, luminous skin means it’s reflecting light beautifully back to the observer. All that’s a tall order for a single skincare ingredient, and truthfully, not all can deliver the way today’s hero spotlight, Niacinamide can. Let’s find out what it is and how we can reap the brightening benefits today! 

To compliment her Glo Drops, Dr. Barbara Sturm is also the creator of The Better B Niacinamide Serum and explains what this multi-tasking master is and does: “Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 with overarching benefits for skin health and powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can improve skin texture, moisture and functionality. It supports many cellular processes such as refining pores, evening skin tone, controls oil production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles by preventing moisture loss, strengthens the skin’s barrier and restores radiance.” This beauty hero has a little something for everything and we have some products that we think will get you fangirling over niacinamide as much as we do.. 

Because of Niacinamide’s ability to hydrate and soothe, brands have been adding it to products with ingredients that are effective, but have a tendency to also cause a reaction, such as retinol. Youth To The People’s Retinol + Niacinamide Youth Serum is a multi-effect powerhouse that helps you achieve skin reversing benefits without irritation. Moon Juice’s Acid Potion is a deeply nourishing exfoliator, keeping the skin hydrated while it encourages cell turnover. Indie Lee has also added this moisture locking ingredient to her latest AHA Exfoliating Solution.

While keeping the skin dewy and fresh, Niacinamide is also working to calm redness. Exactly why it thrives in our skin tints and foundations like Illia’s Serum Skin Tint and their C Beyond Triple Serum. You can also reap the calming benefits from Facil’s Destres Serum, a chill pill for your face.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence, Rael Beauty’s Hydration Facial Sheets, Odacité’s SPF Sheer Mineral Sun Drops and Moon Juices Superhair vitamins are all ways to add some brightness and balance to your skin and rest assured that no matter how lifey life is being your skin will be reflecting light like the star you are.