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Meet Your Esti Besties

Meet Your Esti Besties

Our bespoke boutique offers luxury facials in optimal time in our clean-beauty spa, which we affectionately call ‘The Nest.’ Let us introduce you to the estheticians who will give you a glow-up using the protocol that best suits your needs. This team is so passionate about your skin becoming its best version that they will all soon become your esti besties. 

Each brand we carry at Wren and Wild tells a story of what skincare means to them and takes a unique approach with its formulations that speak to their values. We believe that there is a brand that will align with your personal skincare philosophy and perfectly curated products for your skin’s needs. So, we asked our team to tell you a little about the products that speak to them, their favorite facials, and the add-ons you can’t leave the spa without. 


"One of the best decisions I've ever made was to pursue my passion for skincare and work as an esthetician. I began my career in 2022 on the sales floor of Wren & Wild and knew within months that the beauty industry would become my career."

After esthetics school, Brandon began training with lead educators from Odacité and Tammy Fender. He instantly connected with Tammy Fender's mind, body, and spirit and loves to suggest light therapy to stimulate and recharge the skin's cells at the end of this holistic facial. 

Brandon receives glowing reviews from his clients for his knowledge, professionalism, and caring demeanor. He truly embodies the interconnected nature of wellness and thrives on helping his clients feel empowered in their skin.


Kate Podwils has been a professional makeup artist for 14 years. As a licensed esthetician, her motto is, "Skincare first, for an effortless makeup application!"  For the past two years, she has worked for Wren & Wild as a makeup artist and sales associate, helping the Wren beauties feel liberated with their skincare and makeup routines. With the spa's opening, Kate was inspired back to her roots. Her favorite facial protocol is The Tammy Fender Facial for clients with treatment needs and The Berlin Skin Facial for those needing a hydration boost. Her favorite add-ons are cryo-globe therapy to calm inflammation and LED light therapy to add a touch of warmth that instantly transports you to a relaxing sun-filled beach. 

"I love to give my clients a moment to breathe in deeply and take a much-needed moment for themselves." 


Halie Jones is an avid champion of clean beauty and values mindfulness towards the impact of chemicals in our skincare that dramatically affect individuals and the planet, making her a compatible addition to the Wren & Wild team. During her residency in The Nest Beauty Lounge, Halie studied with Wren & Wild's elite brand estheticians to master the protocols and techniques for our signature facials. Halie recommends the Wren and Wild's Signature Facial with Dermaplane for an incredibly glassy skin look and feel that will only increase the efficacy of the products you use for weeks after your treatment. She loves adding the Cryo Globes to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and leave your skin flawless. 

Indulge in the ultimate skincare experience at Wren & Wild's Spa in the heart of downtown Bend, OR. Your esti bestie is ready to provide you with the protocol to suit your needs and keep your skin energized and vibrant for days.