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Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

If you’ve been into our amazing little boutique you’ve seen the small gold table holding the three chic bottles that represent one of our most lux brands. If you’ve not been into our store, but follow clean beauty or have ever heard of Gwenyth Paltrow then you’ve also seen this cult favorite skin care line. 

Customers come into the store with a wide variety of needs and wants in their products, and at least once a day, if not more, our team recommends Vintner’s Daughter. Given the designer packaging, the unparalleled quality and efficacy it also comes with a designer price tag. Naturally, the question that follows this recommendation is: “is it worth it?” 

My deepest apologies, friends, because although everyone puts a different emphasis on worth, I can tell you with a lot of confidence, you’re probably going to love it. And again, not wanting to be so bold as to say where you should spend your hard earned money, I will instead share why it’s a cult classic, celebrity favorite and one of our best selling products.

I began my career at Wren & Wild with overly-sensitized skin and a bout of rosacea brought on by a chemical peel. Of course, I was familiar with Vintner’s Daughter for the above mentioned reasons, but had not yet tried it because I too had the exact same question, “is it worth it?” Before I could speak to it I needed to find out. I snagged both an Active Treatment Essence™ ​​and Active Botanical Serum™ and put away all of my other products except a cleanser, a face moisturizer, an SPF and I began a 30 day trial of Vintner’s Daughter, exclusively, so that I could without hesitation answer the question we all have.

Each morning and evening, just as founder April Gargulio instructed, on clean skin I began with  5-6 sprays of Active Treatment Essence™ and a gentle pat and press method for 5-15 seconds to encourage absorption and evenly hydrate the skin. Similar to our bodies needing both water and oil, this water-soluble step is the drink of water our skin is craving. It’s refreshing and has a slight tackiness to draw moisture to the skin. But, with much more going on in this bottle than simply a hydrating spray it’s the perfect complement to Active Botanical Serum™ and  will replace a whole slew of products you might be considering purchasing. 

With a stabilized form of vitamin c, acerola, niacinamide, and dandelion it is a skin brightener addressing discoloration. Gentle, natural plant acids and enzymes slough off dead skin cells daily to promote renewal and reveal a fresh, smooth complexion. Beneficial enzymes, alfalfa, marine microalgae, marjoram, beta glucan, and a full-suite of B vitamins help to support a resilient skin barrier and a two-week fermentation process enhances overall nutrient bioavailability and absorption. And yes, there is a slight apple cider vinegar scent you get at first spray but that is simply the smell of these beneficial nutrients working and it dissipates almost instantly. 

Having been a huge fan of face oils It didn’t take long before I began noticing hydrating results by adding in this much needed step to my dehydrated and inflamed skin. 

Active Botanical Serum™ was Vintner’s first product launch and the miracle moisturizer that brought them cult status. Without any marketing dollars spent, girlfriends shared the reason their skin was looking so fresh and glowy and word quickly spread. Uniquely, Vintner’s decided they would use the same philosophy to make their products as fine winemakers make their wine. Using whole botanicals and a two week extraction process the essence of each plant is found in a single bottle without much altering to the healing properties it naturally possesses. Where most products on the market take a few hours to make, one bottle of a Vintner’s product takes 3-5 weeks to produce. Ensuring the quality and giving the skin something it immediately recognizes and puts to work, supporting its natural powers of balance, renewal and radiance.

Albeit in oil form, the low molecular weight of the product gives it serum status and is meant to go on before a heavier moisturizer if one is needed. This allows the nutrients to penetrate the skin leaving your skin, soothed, nourished, revitalized and balanced. 

When my 30 days were up I knew my routine had forever changed. My skin began to look and feel like a version of its best self. 

Last month Vintner’s introduced us to their third ever product, Active Renewal Cleanser™ and team W&W are big fans as it perfectly preps the skin for hydration and moisture steps that follow. It’s amazing to find an active cleanser that removes your makeup and sunscreen and leaves the skin feeling smooth, hydrated and looking radiant. 

Is it worth it? Well, that is up to you to decide, but I will say, I think there’s magic in these bottles and my skin loves them. Come by the store this week and see for yourself as we are offering in-house flash facials. Sign up today and receive two deluxe samples and let your skin decide.