Our Yoga Instructors

We choose our yoga teachers based on spirit, heart and commitment to their practice. We have the privilege of living in a community filled with amazing yoga teachers and are so grateful to bring together such a diverse group of heart-centered yogis.

Mandy Butera

Classes: Introduction Aireal Yoga, Aireal Power Yoga, Atreal Stretch and Flow, Aireal Yoga Inversion, Restorative Aireal Yoga

Mandy Butera is the founder and owner of the unique retail wellness studio, Wren and Wild, located in beautiful Bend Oregon. She holds certification as a 200 RYT and 50 Hour Aireal Yoga Instructor as well as she is a certified Nutrition Health Coach. Mandy first found yoga as a way to relieve stress from her position as an executive and then later as a healing modality from several mountain biking injuries. Mandy resides in Bend Oregon with her executive chef husband and her SUP partner Booker the English bulldog.

Tara Mortenson

Classes: Introduction to Aireal Yoga, Aireal Power Yoga

Tara began her yoga teaching journey in 1999 as a way to help pregnant women feel good in changing their bodies. Tara holds a 200 hr RYT and 50 hr Aireal certification. She draws inspiration from numerous workshops with teachers such as Rod Stryker, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn and Sianna Sherman. Tara is now combining yoga postures with the hammock to provide a safe and fun environment for people to cultivate awareness, physical strength, and soar to new heights!

Brooke Gates

Brook Gates

Classes: Vinyasa Floor Yoga, Summer Energy Flow Floor Yoga

Brooke believes that yoga is medicine for the twenty-first century. In practicing physical asana and meditation we can connect to a wisdom tradition passed down through generations and tap into the innate knowledge in the very tissues of our body. She has studied for the past seven months with Joanna Cashman of Radiant Health Yoga, and am excited to share biomechanically savvy restorative flows and energetic vinyasas with you!

PJ Fritchman

Classes: Yin Yoga

PJ graduated from Namaspa’s YTT 200 Hour certification in the Baptiste Power Yoga style, February 2017 and has been an enthusiastic yogi for 14 years. In 2010 she founded Yogis Unite! Bend, Oregon’s largest outdoor yoga festival, uniting our community through yoga & raising money CANCancer.  She is excited about sharing yoga with the community, welcoming new students and inspiring experienced yogis to seek their edge today, so it will become their norm tomorrow.

Andrea Stuart

Classes: Summer Energy Flow Floor Yoga, Aroma Yoga

Andrea Stuart is a lifelong devotee of yoga and wellness. She believes mindful practices allow us to access our authentic selves and create space for experiencing abundance. Holding an RYT-500 certification, Andrea received her training from Iyengar teacher Sandy Carmellini, giving her a strong foundation in anatomy and kinesiology. Andrea is also a level II Reiki practitioner and her passion is to share her vitality and love of life with others in a way that inspires them to become Tipsy on Life!

Heather TenBroek

Heather TenBroek

Classes: AIReal Yoga and Floor Yoga

​Heather believes in self-care & self- love. She believes in magic. She believes that yoga can transform the world. She believes in sharing and holding space in our community for transformation & magic through yoga. She’s found that recognizing that we are all learners in this lifetime gives us the freedom to play, explore and find adventure all through our lives. Heather completed her 200hr Teacher Training with Rolf Gates in 2015.

Breezy Franzke

Classes: Vinyasa Floor Yoga, Summer Energy Flow Floor Yoga

Breezy’s love for movement and helping others has always been an integral part of her. Practicing yoga and pilates have helped her navigate significant life transitions and have been tools in her journey to reclaiming her-Self. She recognize’s the importance of community and deeply honor each individual’s personal practice. Her classes are always accessible to all level, and focuses on breath, dynamic tension, and flow within your body.

Brooke Gates

Anna Kaufman

Classes: Vinyasa Floor Yoga, Summer Energy Flow Floor Yoga

Anna’s love for this practice stems from the mental and physical challenge that has lead to transforming her life on and off the mat. It provides a sense of space for her to really tune in. As a Nutrition Therapist, she value’s a true sense of being and having a deep connection to her body. Anna’s been able to find a place of healing through the strength, clarity, and happiness that yoga instills – those same qualities she wishes to share with each of you. She will forever be a learner and student of all things yoga + healing.

Toni Acevedo

Classes: Sub

Toni Acevedo is a real person with real challenges both on and off her mat. She became a yoga teacher because she was inspired to be something more. What she loves about yoga is that anybody can do it. Now she’s not saying anybody can stand on their hands or wrap their leg around their head but everyone can get on their mat, move and breathe and receive the benefits of this ancient practice. Yoga to Toni is more than a workout. It has changed the way she sees the world and the way she sees herself in it.

Breyn Hibbs

Classes: Meditation

Breyn grew up in La Pine, OR and attended high school in Bend, only to be called at age 18 to California to fulfill a yearning to learn about herself, different cultures, the connection between spirituality and leadership and health and wellbeing. She is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master, meditation instructor, ritualist and ceremonialist and master facilitator of circle-based learning.

Nicole Billard

Nicole Billard

Classes: AIReal Yoga, Floor Yoga

Nicole began doing yoga to improve her balance and core strength for rock climbing, back in 2000. It was a steady if not regular practice; life has a way of bringing time and focus to other things. In 2016, she refocused on her practice while recovering from injuries, again finding balance, strength and alignment through yoga.  This reawakening and the impact it had on her full recovery inspired her to complete her 200 YTT here in Bend and then her 50 AIReal™ training in 2017. Nicole focuses on adding some ‘Awesome’ to every day, and is eager to share the fun, balance and strength yoga has brought to her life.

Laura Purdy

Classes: Kunalini Floor Yoga

Laura Purdy is a K.R.I. certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She completed her 550 hour year long teacher’s training in 2003 with teachers Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa and Nirbhe Kaur Khalsa from The Khalsa Healing Arts & Yoga Center of Yardley, PA. Laura has a dedicated Kundalini Yoga practice and teaches workshops as well as group & private classes here in Bend, Oregon. With great reverence Laura loves the healing vibrations of the Gong and she incorporates it into her yoga teachings and offers Gong Therapy sessions.

Hannah Heilicher

Classes: AIReal Yoga

After graduating from The University of Montana with two business degrees, Hannah decided to completely switch gears and follow her passion; the calling of yoga. After completing her 200RYT through Reflections Yoga (2014), Hannah trained and taught in Missoula Montana, studying aerial silks, aerial yoga and circus arts. She is proud to be a certified AiREAL Yoga teacher (2017) and is thrilled to be teaching both aerial and floor yoga to all skill levels.

Timea Marie

Classes: AIReal Yoga

Timea Zia Marie is a creative Goddess that has infused yoga into her life for healing purposes associated with PTSD. She has practiced meditation and mindfulness for the past 10 years and recently received her RYT200 from Rolf Gates in 2015, and AiReal Yoga 50Hr from Carmen Curtis this May! She is the owner/designer of local clothing brand ZIALIFE which offers “One of a Kind” handcrafted style to yogis and beyond! Like her, classes will be chill with a light and up-beat vibe!

Kayla Megan

Classes: AIReal Yoga

Kayla is a rambunctious, free spirit that encourages her students to have fun with their practice. She provides a safe place for students to grow without judgment or set expectations because she knows that not one body is the same as the other and we are all anomalies. AIReal Yoga is a great way to connect your body, mind, and spirit to the elements surrounding us in our daily lives.

Sarah Fink

Classes: Sub

Sarah is a former professional dancer and owner of Good Tiger Yoga. She’s been practicing yoga since 1999 and became a RYT in 2011 with Tiffany Cruikshank and Yoga Medicine. She has taught in several studios around Bend and most recently focused on teaching SUP Yoga in the summers and hosting yoga retreats in Mexico.

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