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Aerial and Floor Yoga

We are here for everybody and all bodies.

Wren and Wild is the first Aerial Yoga Studio in Bend Oregon offering Aerial Yoga, Aerial Barre, Floor Based Yoga and Meditation classes. Aerial Yoga is a healing and strengthening yoga practice that will help you to become stronger, longer and bring you peace of mind. If you would like to strengthen your body, are new to yoga or a long-time yogi and would like to dive deeper into yoga poses, recover from injury or gain peace of mind then our classes are for you. It is far too often that we let the stressors in our lives affect the way we function. Stress can literally affect everything we do. At Wren and Wild, we recognize the important roll that exercise and nutrition play in your life and strive to be a place where you can let go and take charge of your well-being.

Please reserve Aerial Yoga Classes on line as space is limited

First Time Aireal Yoga Class $18.00*
Aireal Yoga Single Class $25.00
Aireal Yoga Five Pack Class $90.00
Aireal Yoga Ten Pack Class $175.00

First Time Floor Yoga/Meditation Single Class $12.00*
Floor Yoga/Meditation Single Class $16.00
Floor Yoga/ Meditation Five Pack Class $75.00
Floor Yoga/Meditation Ten Pack Class $110.00

Wren and Wild
Monthly Unlimited Membership
$145.00 with 6 month auto renew. 

*(Central Oregon residents only)

Our Yoga Schedule

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