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Vorda - Essential Oil Singles + Blends

: Eucalyptus

Pure Essential Oil Blends

Eucalyptus: With its pleasantly uplifting and cooling aroma, Eucalyptus is a key ingredient in many fine fragrances and beauty care products. Not only is the aroma great for soothing the mind and easing stress, but it can also help with clearing your airways to be able to enjoy the fresh air. 

French Orchard: Beautifully floral and sweet, the aromas of Jasmine and Sweet Orange are complemented with the gentle warmth of Geranium and the woodsy fragrance of Rosemary. This cheerful blend helps lift your mood and relieve stresses of everyday life.

Harmony: Revitalize your senses with Harmony’s warm and radiant aromas of Cypress, Clove, Rosalina, Laurel, and sweet Nerolina. This energizing blend is perfectly crafted for clearing the mind and easing the soul.

Hinoki: A graceful tree with beautiful red bark and small cones that is native to central Japan, the Hinoki Cypress is widely cultivated for its luxurious timber and ornamental qualities, but its versatile lumber is also used in aromatherapy. The calming and sedative effect of the Hinoki cypress simulates the experience of luxurious bathhouses in Japan where it is often infused in the skincare and spa products. A harmonious mixture of woody evergreen aromas and a subtle burst of citrus, the Hinoki between the familiar, woody aroma of evergreen trees and a bright burst of citrus fruits, Hinoki essential oil promotes relief and relaxation and is an excellent natural remedy for calming insomnia.

Midnight Woods: The subtle sweetness of Bergamot and Juniper berry brings floral notes to the earthy and musky aromas of Oakmoss and Spikenard, reminiscent of the forest floor on a rainy night. This relaxing blend is sure to bring you nights of blissful sleep.

Sunray Meadow Elicit feelings of a picnic in a meadow full of flowers under the warmth of the sun. Cheerful and uplifting aromas of sweet Ylang Ylang and Orange infused with the subtle hint of Ginger.

The First Blossom: Like the first instances of warm Spring air upon blooming fruit blossoms, this is a warm and sweet blend of Himalayan Cedarwood and Mandarin, with fruity undertones of Chamomile flowers.

Yuzu: A unique and beloved citrus from the Asian countries of Japan, Korea, and China, the Yuzu is a fragrant fruit that combines aspects of grapefruit and green mandarin. With an aroma like no other, it is refreshingly sweet with a delightful tartness and gentle bitter notes. The fruit is commonly preserved and enjoyed as a hot citrus tea, and is a staple fragrance for Asian skincare. Naturally containing limonene, yuzu essential oil uplifts your mood and boosts your positive energies to get through the days.

Zen: An elegant, soothing, and woodsy scent to promote a peaceful environment. Good to use for relaxing and meditating.

Zest: Bring your mind to clarity with its brightening aromas of Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and fresh Lime. This refreshing blend is ideal for promoting focus and relaxation while uplifting your mood.


Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) 100% natural, cruelty-free, no synthetics, sustainable packaging.

French Orchard 

  • Cypress (France)
  • Clove (India)
  • Howood (China)
  • Laurel Leaf (Turkey)
  • Lavender (France)


  • Cypress (France)
  • Clove (India)
  • Howood (China)
  • Laurel Leaf (Turkey)
  • Lavender (France)

Hinoki Japanese Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) 100% natural, cruelty-free, no synthetics, sustainable packaging.

Midnight Woods 

  • Oakmoss (France)
  • Spikenard (India)
  • Bergamont (Italy)
  • Lavender (France)
  • Juniper Berry (India)
  • Peppermint (China)

Sunray Meadow 

  • Ginger (China)
  • Ylang Ylang (France)
  • Orange (Australia)
  • Howood (China)
  • Cedarwood (Nepal)
  • Peru Balsam (USA)
  • Shell Ginger (Japan)

The First Blossom 

  • Himalayan Cedarwood (Nepal)
  • Mandarin (Australia)
  • Roman Chamomile (Italy)
  • Lavender (France)
  • Bergamot (Italy)
  • Lemon (Italy)

Yuzu Yuzu (Citrus junos)


  • Frankincense 
  • Sandalwood
  • Howood


  • Spearmint (USA)
  • Eucalyptus (Australia)
  • Lime (Italy)
  • Laurel Leaf (Turkey)

How To Use

Add 3-6 drops to a vörda wood diffuser or add 10-15 drops to your diffuser of choice.

1/3 fl. oz. | 10 ml